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How to Create Bid Notice:

1. Go to
2. Click Login
3. Login using your PhilGEPS userID and password
4. Click My Notices

5. Click Create Notice button

6. Input/Select appropriate information in Step 1 to 3


Contract Duration (for

Civil Works/Consulting)

Refer to Sec.22 of the

Revised IRR of RA9184

System automatically saves the information in Step
1 after Continue button is clicked and Step 2 page appears

Procurement timeline, instruction on how to

download associated component may also be
added in Description

If the line items have individual budgets, award can be created for each of the line items. If the line items
have no individual budget, only one award can be created which means that all line items will be awarded to
only one supplier

You may create Frequently Used List for items(s) you commonly procure

Step 3
1. Supply/ Select appropriate information

2. After clicking the Attach button, a Pop-up message will appear confirming that the document/s
has/have been successfully attached.

3. All electronic documents attached are automatically scanned for viruses and converted to pdf.

4. After adding all the associated components, the user is now asked to accept the documents,
accepting the documents tells the system that the user has uploaded the correct documents.

(If you want to attach more documents, repeat the procedures under step3 except for the Done button)

5. After clicking the Done button, My Bid Notices page will be displayed. Select the checkbox of
the notice to post and click Post bid button. Status should change from In-preparation to
Pending. Once the system meet the publish date, notice status will become Active and will
be open for the suppliers.