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Registration, Check-in & Coffee


Welcome & Keynote Address (Dan Isbell, Ithaca College)

10:00-10:50 Beyond the Method Book: Developing Musicianship in Beginning Band (Chad


Auditorium Lobby

Music and Ideas for the General Music Classroom Through the Lens of Orff-Schulwerk Band - Band room
(Baruch Whitehead)

Orff -

How many times have we pleaded with students to subdivide? How often have we The workshop will give participants ideas on how to make music in the general music
wondered why students can't hear that missed accidental? While our students
classroom in grades K-12. Through the lens of Orff-Schulwerk we will explore our
generally do a great with technique and notation, many are missing the internal
imaginations and create a space to celebrate all children.
musicianship components that enable high-level ensemble participation. This
session presents activities for developing students tonal, rhythmic, creative
abilities all while developing their instrumental technique and notation reading
11:00-11:50 "From the Schools to the Community: Using Vernacular Music-ianship to Foster

Lifelong Participation (Dan Isbell)

In this session, Dan Isbell will share insights on vernacular musicianship and how
deeper understandings of the differences between how music is made inside and
outside of schools can promote continued participation in music across the
lifespan. Findings from an ongoing research study involving musicians who are
skilled at playing both in classical ensembles in school and in popular ensembles
outside of school will be shared.



How In the World Do I Teach World Music? - World Music for High School & Middle
School Choral Ensembles (Lorrene Adams)
How do I teach world music to my students in an authentic manner?
My audience is saying, Why cant they just sing in English?
What if my students dont like it?
If you have these questions, sign up for this workshop. If you dont, sign up anyway
because we will be singing, dancing and playing music that is really fun!
Well also get a lot of tips on how to teach world music, why its important to teach world
music and resources to get started teaching world music.or continue to teach it if you
already are.

LUNCH - provided
Practical Application of Rhythm Solfege (John White)

Reaching Every Student: Providing Meaningful General Music Instruction for All
Students in the Elementary Classroom (Tracy Wanamaker)

A review and application of Takadimi system of rhythm pedagogy by one of its

creators. The Takadimi system is a great sight reading tool, but can also be used
without notation as a sound-before-symbol approach to building rhythmic
musicianship. Come learn about the philosophy, essential design, syllable
patterns, and practical applications of this system and how it relates to high school
band and choral literature.

We all know how to provide meaningful instruction to our traditional students, but what
about those students with special learning needs such as intellectual disabilities and
autism? This session will focus on strategies to make the music classroom accessible
and meaningful for all students in the inclusive elementary classroom setting.

Improvisation Using Simple Melodic Embellishment (Michael Titlebaum)

Embellishing simple melodies is one of the core skills necessary to the art of
Bring your instrument or sing; this session will demonstrate
several straightforward melodic embellishment and improvisation techniques you
can use with your students immediately.

Lifelong Music - Band room

World Music - Auditorium

Analyzing with Your Ear: A constructive stylistic approach for insightful listening (John
What students need to cultivate as they continue in music is a skill set for analytical
listening that is practical, discerning, and versatile. This workshop provides a starting
place for descriptive, analytical vocabulary that students can use when they listen to
music, grounded in the experience of music as being heard rather than written.

Auditoruim Lobby & Room D-8

Rhythm - Band room
General Music & Inclusion Auditorium

Jazz Improv - Band room

Listening - Auditorium