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The Foggy Woods

By Elton Camp
Josh was pleased when he found
A path in the forest near his town
Huntsvilles noise and frantic pace
He was tired of daily having to face
Walks helped to clear his head
Before it was time to go to bed
That night was black and gray
The citys glow seemed far away
Coming from sky and ground
Such a terribly eerie sound
What could Josh expect?
A frog, bird, or some insect?
Unearthly the shapes did seem
As if part of a disturbing dream
In the fog, a form he spied
A ghost! Josh, in fear, cried
To the car, in panic, he fled
To escape the horror ahead
On the winding road, back to town
A presence made him turn around
Its cloak was as black as night
Fingers closed on his throat, tight
A woods walk on a dark night
Josh would nevermore delight