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Field Study 5: Learning Episode 9: Reporting Student Performance

My Learning Episode Overview

If we have to work with parents for the education of children, we have to
inform them about their childrens progress in school in the same way that we give
the students feedback regarding their performance. Schools vary in their practice of
reporting students performance. This is what you will find out in this episode.
My Intended Learning Outcomes
At the end of this Episode, I must be able to:
1. State the reason(s) why grades must be reported to parents
2. Describe what must be done to make grade reporting meaningful
My Performance Criteria
I will be rated along the following:
a. Quality of my observations and documentation
b. Completeness and depth of my analysis
c. Depth and clarity of my classroom observation based reflections
d. Completeness, organization, clarity of my portfolio and
e. Time of submission of my portfolio
My Learning Essentials
3. Reporting students performance at least four times a year is a regular practice
of schools. A card-getting day is usually set for this purpose.
2. Reporting students performance is done usually by means of Report Card.
Reporting students progress to parents is a must. This is a way to
show parents their childrens progress in relation to the standards.
These standards are supposed to have been explained to parents and
students at the beginning of the school year.
My Map
1. I will read My Leaning Essentials
2. With my learning partner, I will interview at least two (2) Resource Teachers
in different schools on classroom and school practice in giving feedback to
students and reporting childrens performance to parents
3. I will observe a Homeroom meeting.
4. I will research on best practices on the reporting of grades
5. I will analyze and reflect on information gathered.
6. I will come up with my learning portfolio.

My Learning Activities
Activity 1- Interview

Interview Questions:

4. How do you give feedback to your students regarding their performance? When
do you give feedback?

3. How do you report students performance to parents? Does the school have a
regular way of reporting grades to parents?

2. What problems on grade reporting did you encounter with parents? How did you
address it/them?

1. Was it easy for you to report students performance to parents? What were your

Activity 2 Attendance in Homeroom Meeting

If it is possible, attend a Homeroom meeting on Card-Getting Day. Outline the

parts of the meeting. Describe how the Resource Teachers communicated learners
assessment results and grades to parents.

1. What are the parts of Homeroom Meeting?

2. How did the Resource Teachers communicate learners assessment and

grades to parents?

My Analysis
1. In the Homeroom meeting, did the teachers reporting and communicating of
grades takes place smoothly? Or were there instances when discussion
became heated because of the way reporting was handled? Describe your

My Reflections
Grades are often a source of misunderstanding. How should I do reporting so
that it will result to effective learning?

Integrating Theory and Practice

1. Why must grades be reported to parents?
I. Promote ongoing formative feedback to students
II. Ensure alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment
III. Promote, to parents and students, credible and useful feedback
A. I only
B. I and III

C. II only
D. I, II and III

2. What must be done to make grade reporting meaningful?

I. The grading system must be clear to all concerned.
II. The standards and competencies are known and understood by all.
III. The grading system must be numerical
A. I and II
B. II only

C. I, II and III
D. III only

3. To make grade reporting meaningful, which must be done?

A. Announce names of students who need help.
B. Rank the Report Cards from highest to lowest then distribute
the same according to rank.
C. Explain how the grades are computed
D. Console parents whose children are non-performing by telling
them that nobody fails
4. What is an essential step in reporting grades to parents?
I. Explain that grades give a picture of students performance
II. Explain that grades compare students performance against the
established standards.
III. Explain that grades compare students performance against other
students performance.
A. I and II
B. II only

C. I, II, and III

D. III only

My Learning Portfolio
Research on Best Practices of schools on effective learning, grading and
reporting. Write your finding and reflections here.