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Tutorial Topic 6: Energy Efficiency in commercial, residential and

industrial buildings

What is energy efficiency? Describe the benefit of implementing energy

efficiency in industrial building. State the barriers of implementing energy


State the six key criteria of Green Building Index in Malaysia.


List 3 easy steps you can take to start saving energy.


What are the functions of Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (PTM)?


A laser-cutting machine is purchased today for RM23,000. There are no

maintenance costs for the next 2 years. Maintenance at the end of year 3 is
expected to be RM 2,000, with the subsequent years maintenance costs each
exceeding the previous years by RM1,000. An increase in revenue of RM
14,000 per year is expected. The planning horizon is 6 years. Draw the cash
flow diagram. Determine if this investment is viable with current interest
rate of 6%.