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MAPEH 8 (Music)

I. Objectives:
a. Explore the cultural context of China.
b. Recognize visually and aurally the different musical instruments from China.
c. Differentiate the uses of vocal and instrumental music of China.
d. Name the different musical instruments of China
Values Integration:
(Respect culture of other country, Cooperation, and Teamwork)
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Music of China
Reference: The 21st Century MAPEH in Action 8, pp. 23-35
Materials: PowerPoint presentation, video presentation, Pictures, Audio file,
III. Procedure
A. Preparation
Checking of Attendance
B. Review
Review about the Music of South East Asia.
Music of Cambodia
Music of Indonesia
Music of Thailand
C. Motivation
A. Look at the Map below and identify the hidden country in East Asia.
B. For you to identify the country, fill in the missing letters of the following famous
philosopher and occasion.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

(Famous Philosopher)


(New Years Celebration)

D. Presentation
Day 1
Geographical,History and Cultural background (some interesting facts) of China.

Musical elements of Chinese music.

Pitch/Tonal System
Timbre (Vocal)
What are the Characteristics of vocal and instrumental music of China?
Vocal music of China
1.) Religious music
2.) The Art song
3.) Narrative Music
4.) Chinese Folk Music
Instrumental music of China
a. Guchi
b. Sizhu
Day 2
Traditional Chinese musical instruments
Chordophone instruments
Membranophone instruments
Idiophone instruments
E. Generalization
Ask questions to determine students level of understanding.
What are the musical elements of China?
Will you differentiate the uses of vocal and instrumental music of China?
What are the types of Chinese vocal music?
What are the classifications of musical instruments of China?
Give musical instruments of China?
F. Application
Show pictures of each instrument and ask the students to name the instrument.
IV. Evaluation
In a sheet of paper discuss the vocal and instrumental music of China.
Vocal music

Instrumental music

V. Assignment
1.) Read about the music of Japan (pp.31-39)