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Human resource management is the process of

HRM is important to an organization as it

To hire the right person for the right job.

Reducing the attrition rate.
Have such people who do their best and have
clear cut job description.
The organizations will not have to waste time
on useless interviews.
No complaints from employees .
Implementation of training for department
Commit fair labor practices.
Develop and implement a technology strategy
linked tightly to the business strategy.
Human capital investment.
It is the Company with the most innovative HR Practices in
the Asia Pacific Region.
Bharti Airtel has been recognized among the Best
Employers in the country for two successive years.
This is a clear demonstration and acknowledgement of the
robust, progressive, people as well as business aligned
Human Resources practices, which the organization has
developed and implemented remarkably in a very short
span of time.
Team work is implemented during work so as to lower
the work pressure and to have innovative and new ideas
as group work is the best way to work.
They Prefer young people to have more creativity.
Training is provided; rewards are given for good work.
To encourage learning within the organization they have
state of the art learning centre.
By motivating employees by giving awards and
Their focus is to redefine leadership that is they develop
leaders who enable their performance and inspire people
to show their potential.
It conducts an internal employee
satisfaction survey called PACE (Progressive
Assessment Of Culture And Environment)
'Measurement Boards' for every department
are displayed so that an individual can be
effective if he knows what is expected of him.
They have manager's communication forum,
open house, family group meetings, HR
interface and HR intranet .
They follow an “open door policy” .
Employee friendly HR policies are being
practiced as any organization's success and
growth depends on its people.
It is a people-driven and people-centric organization.
HRD at Essar is customized, flexible and well planned.
Meticulous selection of employees.
Extensive career mapping,
Continuous training and development.
Offer competitive compensation, diverse opportunities
in terms of business and roles, fast growth and quick
assumption of large responsibilities.
Prefer young talented graduates.
Hire people at entry level through management and
graduate trainee programmes.
Management trainee programme:
Hires post graduates from colleges.
Conducts one month induction programme.
Followed by a six-day executive leadership
camp at the Essar Learning Centre.
Graduate trainee programme:
Hires graduate engineer trainees (GETs) from
the IITs and other institutes.
 And diploma engineer trainees (DETs) from
the best polytechnics
Solid performances, solid rewards
Build career paths
continuous training and development.
India’s largest spenders on continuous training,
investing about Rs. 1.4 crore (US$ 3 m) annually.
Executives Leadership Camp (ELC) are held.
Management Development Programme (MDP) are
On Line Recruitment Management System.
Candidates undergoes psychometric tests.
Bold display of Organizational Culture .
Negative /stress Interview is conducted
Hired people undergo an exhaustive induction programme:
14 days.
LG is benchmarked in terms of manpower costing.
Creative problem solving meetings are held.
Pizza meetings .
HR melt –ins and Departmental melt-ins is a
regular feature at LG.
Help desk facility.
All employees are given pick & drop facility.
Team slogan shouting everyday.
English coaching classes to blue collar employees.
Family Ambassador programmes.
Every month 50 workers are awarded for
outstanding performance.
Informal clubs
Joyful Working 5 (JW5) programme : based on five
factors, Stress, Communication, Leadership, Target
setting and working hours.
They believe that working with compulsion is not
for long, but working with Fun is for Life long .
Creating more openness through forums
 Giving positive strokes to employee at right time.
 Fun day celebrations in departments.
 Building leadership competencies and lot more.
Diversity and fair treatment of employees as
a core value.
Employee performance appraisals.
Professional Training Programs.
On the job and off the job method of training.
Mandatory off (MO)
They focus on four key commitments:
To attract, engage and retain talented
To develop individuals and teams.
To develop exceptional managers.
To create a diverse and inclusive workplace..
Travelling incentives .
On-line Human Resource Management
Recruitment through referrals
Tie up with Manpower Services
Vacancies through various Job Portals.
Union Bank has ensured complete customer delight, living
up to its image of, “GOOD PEOPLE TO BANK WITH”
To apply here one just needs to fill out the online
application form.
Process of recruitment involves written test and a series of
The candidate will have to sign a “service bond”.
Seasoned employees
Increased employee productivity through
training and new techniques.
Culture of working towards corporate goals.
It has one of the best training systems in India.
24 * 7 accessible ERP solution : to create
effective communication system.
performance based incentive scheme.
Employee welfare scheme.
Education schemes .
Fringe benefits.
Updating employee knowledge : by
providing financial/daily newspaper.
Creating employees mind tension free
thorough these benefits.
Saving energy and time of employees :
providing conveyance .