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Summer in Tuscany

I couldn't believe it!

Last April, I received an e-mail inviting me to go to Italy, working as a helper, from a
fashionable Scottish lady called Rosamond, in her eighties, who was looking for an interior
designer. She needed to paint, restore and decorate a gorgeous ancient "Podere Sasso" located
in Tuscany, Italy.
The adventure had started. The arrangements for travelling were so exciting!. I booked a low
cost flight to Pisa for the first of July. Rosamond came to pick me up from the Galileo Galilei
airport. After two hours driving, under the Tuscany sun, one of the most popular areas to visit
around the world, and where plenty of tourists explore the famous colourful mountains,
historical cities, and great monuments, we arrived at her little paradise. A big restored
monastery stone house, with splendid Italian gardens, colorful flowers, fruit trees, grapes,
some animals around, peacocks, cats, tortoises. An incredible atmosphere!
In the morning, we started work at nine, helping in the kitchen, painting, and shopping, after
a big breakfast shared with Spanish people. They were on holiday, living in two restored
rented cottages.
Every day, in the afternoon, we did yoga, some meditation, and exploring nature after a
famous Spanish siesta. The nearest village is called Rapolano Terme, famous for its thermal
baths. After supper, we chatted around the table, somebody played the guitar, and Rosamond,
a wise woman, who had been travelling around the world for years, told us interesting
histories. It was definitely a really charming relaxing place.
Furthermore, we had enough time to visit Siena, Florencia, Cortona, Bolonia, San Giminiano,
Lucca, Pescia, Montecatini Terme, Montecarlo, Collodi. I spent two amazing months working
and visiting the lovely area.
I had been thinking about visiting the Tuscany for ages. Now, sometimes I believe that it was a
dream. I am sure, I'll never forget my last summer!!!