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Lesson Plan


Date: 1/9/15 Time: 12:00-12:30pm Year:


Curriculum content description: Key features of ancient
societies (farming, trade, social classes, religion, rule of law
Students prior knowledge and experience:
Neolithic era, Hunter gatherers, Primary and Secondary sources, nomads, Mesopotamia

Learning purpose:

Investigate culture and cultural identity, consider and develop

multiple perspectives of ancient societies.

Learning objectives:


On completion of this lesson,

students will be able to:

Students will be able to identify what people

(who are numbered) are doing in the photo
in regards to their specialisation/occupation.
Students will write down in sentence
answers describing the occupation and the
importance of occupation for survival.

Students will learn of the different

specialisations/occupations that came to be
due to food surpluses.

Preparation and Resources:

X28 A typical Sumerian Settlement worksheets
- Hand out worksheets and work in small groups, answering students questions as
they work through the worksheet.

Catering for diversity

Be weary of any disabilities in your classroom that will make children uncomfortable if they
are put on the spot.
If someone doesnt have the answer to a question asked get someone else to answer the
question and then get the first person (who was having trouble) to repeat it.


Learning Experiences:
Gain attention if students dont give you their attention give them a verbal warning, if
they continue refer to the name, tick, office method.
Once group is calm give a quick introduction to the topic (First Villages). Also give a
quick recap of the previous lesson, and mention anything that may link into this lesson.



Sequence of learning experiences:

Hand out worksheets to group and give an example from the worksheet so the kids
understand what to do for the task (number X is a bricklayer so his job was to build a
wall around the village with these bricks to protect the village from intruders, most
probably built houses and other things as well).
Tell students to fill out the rest of the occupations on the worksheet.
It is my job to:
Make sure the group is staying on task
Make sure the group is working quietly, allowing them to speak but to keep it
on topic
Look around the group and make sure there is no one having a hard time filling
out the worksheet
Helping out those who require it on the worksheet
Lesson conclusion:
Reinform students of what we learnt today about villagers and their occupations. Ask
students in your groups to say their answers to the rest of the group. Give some
elaboration on the answers provided where required.
It is my job to:
Make sure group is remaining on task
Make sure the worksheet is being completed

Lesson Evaluation:
I felt like this lesson went quite well. The worksheet given worked with the lesson. To
improve on this lesson I would put more research into the topic so as to help the students as
best as I can because there was a moment were I didn't explain something as best as I felt I
could to a student.