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Action Steps

Reposition a product

Research current customer buying criteria in the Courier

Display the R&D worksheet
Adjust Performance, Size, MTBF
Observe impacts upon Age, material cost, and completion dates
Save the decisions

Marketing a product

Research the competitive environment in the Courier

Display the Marketing worksheet
Enter decisions for Price, Promotion and Sales Budgets
Observe the decision impact upon the computer's forecast
Develop a worst case estimate for demand
Enter your worst case estimate for in the sales forecast
Save the decisions

Scheduling production

Estimate a best case for demand for each product this year
Display the Production worksheet
Observe existing inventory
Schedule production to meet best case demand less existing inventory
Save the decisions

Modifying plant and


Estimate peak demand for each product for this year and next year
Examine unit costs and margins
Display the Production worksheet
Increase or decrease capacity as required
Increase automation as required
Observe the net cost of the investment
Display the Finance worksheet
Fund the investment with a mix of stock issues, bond issues, and
Save the decisions

Raising money and paying


Examine the proforma Income Statement

Examine the proforma Balance Sheet
Display the Finance worksheet
Issue or repurchase stock as required
Issue or repay bonds as required
Issue short term debt as required
Issue a dividend as required
Save the decisions

Inventing a new product

Research the opportunity in the segment in the Courier

Select appropriate product attributes - Performance, Size, MTBF
Display the R&D worksheet.
Enter the product attributes
Note the R&D completion date
Display the Production worksheet
Order capacity and automation (optionally, wait a year)
Display the Finance worksheet
Fund the plant with stock and bond issues
Save the decisions

Useful formulas:
Contribution Margin($) = Price -_ (Material Cost + Labor
Margin Percentage (%) = Contribution Margin/Price
Margin Potential = Maximum Price possible Minimum Unit Costs possible