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August 17, 2012
To Whom it May Concern:
I write this letter on behalf of Darren Chaker who has completed 32 hours of instruction at Corrective
Behavioral Institute (CBI) located in San Diego County. CBI has been in operation for over thirty
years and has worked with the Superior Court in San Diego and Los Angeles Counties, county
probation department, as well as with the United States District Court for the Southern District of
California providing court mandated programs.
Mr. Chaker voluntarily enrolled in CBI classes on April 24, 2012. Classes had an emphasis on anger
management, coping skills, and other classes designed to better oneself. Mr. Chaker took the
classes for educational purposes and to learn how he can improve himself as a person
acknowledging there is always room for improvement. Mr. Chaker was the only person in each class
who attended voluntarily which is rare.
While in his first class, Mr. Chaker was a very productive member of the program. He not only was
an active participant and sought to better himself, but he also sought to help others. His strong
communication and presentation skills allowed him to effectively persuade students to choose a
more positive path. Mr. Chaker was so persuasive while speaking he was asked to be a guest
speaker by the instructor. Mr. Chaker spoke to several classes with various instructors over a two
month period.
Mr. Chaker has not only completed 32 hours of classes taken on a voluntary basis, but has also
spoken to hundreds of adult and juvenile offenders in a positive, constructive manner. Mr. Chaker
has spoken about the dangers of recidivism, the downfalls of being involved in the criminal justice
system, significance of education and that it is never to become a better person. The students range
from first time offenders to documented gang members as well as with prison backgrounds. I
commend Mr. Chaker's desire to proactively take these positive strides to forward himself and to
volunteer dozens of hours to help others along the way.
The comments I have personally received by multiple staff members about Mr. Chaker is that he
is "phenomenal." I have also heard that he "kept the kids attention throughout his talk." Having
come into contact with thousands of offenders, I can truly say Mr. Chaker's efforts to volunteer his
time stems from a genuine desire to better himself and, in doing so, to help others.
Lauren Dunlap, Director
Corrective Behavior Institute