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UPDATED 090415

Ph.D. in Education Program of Study

Program plan for: Seth Andrew Hudson

1. Core Course

EDUC 800


Ways of Knowing

2. Research Methods (15)

EDRS 810


Problems and Methods in Education Research

EDRS 811


Quantitative Methods in Educational Research

EDRS 812


Qualitative Methods in Educational Research

Additional Methods EDRS 825—Advanced Research Methods in Self Study (3)* EDRS 824—Mixed Methods Research (3)*

3. Professional Specialization (24):

Higher Education

Major Area


CTCH 792: Special Topic: Leadership in Higher Education (3)*


CTCH 821: History of Higher Education (3)*


CTCH 826: Institutional & Program Assessment in Higher Education (3)*


CTCH 830: Ethics in Higher Education (3)


Elective: EDIT 895—Emerging Issues in Instructional Technology (3)*


Elective: CTCH 792—Beyond GI Joe (3)*


Elective: EDUC 870—Education Policy: Process, Context, Policy (3)*



*Internship not sought.

4. Secondary Emphasis (12): English/Storytelling

Minor Area(s)

1. CTCH 792—Digital Storytelling (3)* * Course reduction from MA, 9 credits

5. Dissertation (12)

EDUC 998 (3) EDUC 999 (9)

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (3) Doctoral Dissertation Research (9)

Hudson 2015

UPDATED 090415


PROGRAM RATIONALE (please review the Program Guidelines for directions):

My varied coursework reflects my desire to become a part of higher education not just as scholar and instructor, but also as one focused on the realities of meeting an institution’s goals in the face of many challenges.

The common theme in this plan of study is “story.” Higher education has transformed throughout history and now finds itself in various forms that resemble one another in name only. Policy changes tell this story; enrollment numbers and tuition costs tell this story; research agendas tell this story; assessment tells this story; and so on, but all of these narratives fall under the label “college.”

I hope to explore the “story” of college, and what that means for various stakeholders. Though I am not sure of the exact direction this theme will take, I am immediately interested in the discrepancy between student expectations, university marketing, and their relationship to the various metrics applied to the quality or value of higher education.

Kelly Schrum—Primary Advisor / Date

Lenoard Annetta—Reviewer / Date Date

Douglas Eyman—Reviewer / Date

Seth Hudson—PhD Student, Higher Education

Jan Arminio—Director, Higher Education

Hudson 2015

UPDATED 090415

Hudson 2015