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American History I

Contact Information:

Independence High School

1967 Patriot Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28227
Phone: 980.343.6900
Fax: 980.343.6907
Course Description:
American History I is a chronological study of the United States of America. Areas of concentration include the
historical, political and economic history of the United States coupled with an intense study of the cultural and intellectual
institutions and their development. Students will need to take an American History I and an American History II course and
successfully complete both courses as a graduation requirement.
The Curriculum Essential Standards can be found through the links below:
American History I:
American History II:

Annual Goals:
Students will analyze the political, military, religious and social trends in different period of the United States
history. Students will demonstrate proficiency in required social studies methods such as internet and media research,
essay writing and comparative analysis. The course will focus on the North Carolina Essential Standards and Common
Core Standards stressing critical thinking skills. The State of North Carolina will administer a North Carolina Final Exam,
set to be worth 25% of the final grade. There is a NC Final Exam for both American History I and a separate NC Final
Exam for American History II.

Each student will be assigned the textbook The Americans, and is expected to complete reading assigned by the
due date(s) given. In addition to the textbook assignments there may be periodic readings assigned from supplemental
sources provided by the instructor. There will also be an online textbook that students can access.

Attendance is essential to learning and understanding in this course, and absences may cause the student to fall
behind. Students should not miss more than 10 class periods. Students who miss more than 10 class period will be
required to complete attendance recovery. Students are expected to keep up with their absences and follow school policy
for attendance recovery.
Students are expected to arrive to class each day prepared with their binder and a pen/pencil. It is also expected
that students will participate during all class discussions, class projects, group work and activities. This course is taught
on the 4x4 schedule, which means that it will meet every day for the first semester and will take the NC Final Exam in
Absences: A student who misses homework assignments or other assignments of due dates because of absences
whether excused or unexcused, be allowed to make up the work. Arrangements for completing the work should be made
with five (5) school days of the students return to school. Arrangements should include a schedule for completion of the
work. The student should initiate the contact with the teacher.

American History I

American History I