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Computer Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies and

Computer Technology and
 Computers are used to
communicate information to
students and nurses in a
time- saving way, to teach
critical thinking and problem
solving, to provide
stimulations of reality, and
to educate from a distance.
Computer Teaching
 Computer – Assisted

 Internet

 Virtual Reality
Computer – Assisted
 canbe used to teach
nurses, students and

 can
be very effective in the
hands of an astute nurse
Computer – Assisted
Drill and Practice
• the simplest level of CAI.
• students have already learned
information, either through
computer programs or other
teaching methods, and are
now presented with repetition
and application of the
Computer – Assisted
• the second mode in which
CAI may be written
• teaches the students a body
of knowledge by presenting
information and asking
questions, giving hints if the
student gets stuck.
Computer – Assisted

• just as board games, card
games and trivia games can
be used to teach nursing, so
can computer games.
Computer – Assisted
• One of the most exciting and
available forms of CAI.
• Provide students with all details
about a particular patient situation
and ask them to assess the
patient, arrive at diagnoses, plan
interventions and evaluate care.
Computer Simulation format:

• Description of a patient
• Student selects which data
should be collected.
• Computer provides feedback
about choices.
• Student uses the correct data
to arrive at nursing diagnoses.
• Computer provides feedback on
• Student selects appropriate nursing goals.
• Computer responds to each selection as to why
it is or is not correct.
• Student selects appropriate actions.
• Computer responds with positive and negative
effects of each actions.
• Student selects evaluation criteria that indicate
success of nursing actions.
• Computer provides feedback on evaluation
Computer – Assisted
Multimedia Presentation
• sometimes called hypermedia
• programs may incorporate
text, sound tracks, graphics,
still photos, animations, video
clips, and material from the
World Wide Web (www).
Computer – Assisted
Evaluating Software
• Manual – (user’s guide)
generally not made available
to learners but should be
available to the nurse
• Evaluate the program in terms
of the objectives you want to
Criteria for evaluating
CAI software:
• Accuracy
• Ease of use
• Design
• Appearance
• Feedback
• Cost Effectiveness
Computer – Assisted
CAI for Patient Education
• Three forces of urgency to the
delivery of patient education:
- expectation of accreditation
- the increase in lawsuits against health
care facilities and providers.
- the rise in consumerism in our society.
Computer – Assisted

CAI for Nursing students and

Nursing Staffs
• programs are available that teach
psychomotor skills, dosage
computation, care planning,
problem solving, critical thinking
and content in many medical
Computer – Assisted
Research on Effectiveness of CAI
• CAI is at least as effective if not more
effective than traditional pedagogy for
the content areas studied.
• The vast number of studies that have
been conducted give weight to the
conclusion that CAI is an effective way to
achieve student learning.
The Internet

 Internet is a mammoth
complex of computer
connections across
continents, connecting
many millions of computers.
The Internet

• Electronic mail
• can be used to provide
greater collaboration
between teachers and
students and between
students and students.
The Internet

New Groups
• are similar to listservs in
that they are discussion
groups of people with
similar interests.
The Internet

World Wide Web

• a collection of millions of
documents found on Web
Pages that interface to the
The Internet

World Wide Web Searches

• “surfing the web” is an
appropriate some people
take, but it is like aimlessly
walking up and down
unmarked and unfamiliar
supermarket aisles, hopping
you are soon find the item
you are seeking.
The Internet

Evaluating World Wide

Web Sites
• let the reader beware and
let the reader have some
criteria in mind for sorting
out the good from the
Criteria for evaluating Quality of
WWW Sites:

• Purpose
• Currency
• Credibility
• Content Accuracy
• Design
Virtual Reality

a computer- based, simulated

three- dimensional environment
in which the participant interacts
with a virtual world.

 onlyin virtual reality can the

learner enter a virtual world and
feel an object, move it, and
measure its movement.
Prepared by:
Eloise M. Pateño
Jo Anne Pangilinan
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