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The Greeks created Delian League - a loose

alliance between all 200 city-states against

foreign invaders

Golden Age of Greece

Pericles was an Athenian statesman; many looked
to him as a leader of Athens.
2 of his major accomplishments were

the Democracy
-Glorify the city w/ architecture, literature & art

Greek Art & Architecture


- Geometry
A famous geometer was Pythagoras (569475 BC).
Pythagoras is regarded as the first pure mathematician
to. Pythagoras founded the Pythagoreans, who pursued
knowledge in mathematics, science, and philosophy.
The most famous and useful contribution of the
Pythagoreans was the Pythagorean Theorem.

- Sacred Geometry: It is an ancient science that explores

and explains the energy patterns that create and unify
all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of
Creation organizes itself.

- Fibonacci Sequence: The Fibonacci Sequence is the

series of numbers that is found by adding up the two
numbers before it. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34

- Golden Ratio:
The golden ratio (symbol is the Greek
letter "phi) is a special number approximately equal to


Tragedies, Comedies,

Greek art and architecture




Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental

problems, such as those connected with existence,
knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.
Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of
addressing such problems by its critical, generally
systematic approach and its reliance on rational
argument. The word "philosophy" comes from the
Greek (philosophia), which literally means
"love of wisdom.
What is your Philosophy of, Choose 2 - Must be at
least a paragraph- use back page of packet to write.
High School
Nature of Attraction


After the war the Athenian people were
demoralized until 3 philosophers brought pride
back to Athens

Father of philosophy

Wandered Athens asking people questions then asked them to justify their
answers with more questions

Wanted people to question EVERYTHING to discover Truths

Put on trial for corrupting the youth & given a choice, exile or death. He picked

Death of Socrates

Plato Student of Socrates


Wrote the Republic (perfect society)

Opened the first college The Academy

Aristotle Student of Plato, Metaphysical


Questioned the nature of the world

Our existence
Cause & Effect

Tutored Alexander

Peloponnesian War
War fought on the Peloponnese Peninsula
between Athens & Sparta
- Athens = better Navy
- Sparta = better Army
Athens tried to keep the war in the water but the
Spartans forced it to land. Sparta wins & the
Athens Empire is crippled.

Who is the Father of Philosophy?

Who invented the First School?

Who tutored Alexander?

Who wrote the republic?

Who Questioned everything?

Who was into Metaphysics?

Alexander was born in Macedonia- country North
Alexanders father, Phillip II, was warring with
other Macedonians over who would be the King.

Phillip sends young Alexander to Thebes, Greece

for 2 reasons

loved the Greeks & their culture

Wanted him to learn war techniques from a
Spartan General



him Tutored & educated by Aristotle

Science, math, art, etc

1. Phillip

wanted his son safe away from his


Alexander loves Greece & the Greek culture He

will preserve it & take it to other civilizations .
Cultural Diffusion.

Alex conquers Greece, Egypt, Persia, and W. India
This area was the known world
Alex named many cities after himself Alexandria
Alexander dies in Babylon at the age of 32 from
fever or poison.

Empire split among generals Ptolemy takes


Hellenistic Period
Alexander took Greek ideas throughout the
known world
Hellenistic Culture - Greek ideas mixed with
conquered cultures

Greek ideas mixed with Egyptian, Persian, Indian


Egypt was the center of the known

world & became the center of trade and

Greeks Lasting Impression


776 b.c.e. to the 3rd century a.d.

Festival of athletics
Started again in 1894 -present
Art & Philosophy

Government Democracy (ruled by the citizens)

Citizenship Citizens are responsible for the

The End
By 150 b.c.e. the Greeks are gone.
Greece will heavily influence Rome!