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58 Ich will dir mein Herze schenken (Lord, to Thee My Heart is Given) from PASSIO SECUNDUM MATTHAUM (St. Matthew Passion) Johann Sebastian Bach Rect it, [Adagio] Henin TH Wie = worl heat is drowned AL though — schoyimmt, Ab = schied tears ow de macht mich doch sein Te ~ sta ~ ment er ~ freut: ‘a= ment stil fils me with’ de ~ light parts, His Test - appagaiara posse CCogyih © 1994 by HA. EONARD CORPORATION rot ALR ‘Romana Cop ‘Allah Red vod Bla ‘ond blood, mit in mei ne Hin ~ de, hands be + queathed 10 cher ~ ish Welt mit world 10 ms *appogginys posite de -nen Soi nen those wh loved — Him, all Kot - — tar-ket prec ~ fous af Wie as He was macht @ aut et this 39 OE bo - se KOn-nen mei - nem, tue and faith ful 10 bis an Hs own them, Aria [Andante] = Teh will die Hee ze chen = ken, ke dich, Lod, 10 thee heart is giv ~ en ter — Thou. = in Sa Vite dich, ein He in = in ter Thou. and del in— me ke dich, sen = ter Thon will ze sehen = ken, fo thee —mein Heil. hin - in, will dit inein Her - 20, mein. Her ze sehen and_dwell_in — me, Thee is my heart, my heart is giv — Heit hin ~ ein, ke dich, mein Heil, hi = eint = dwell in me, — ter Thou. and dwell in — me. ir ver = gen = lose with — in av mir al my all in ‘Fecmatas on Fine st air howgh to ein micheal Welt und. all, mare than earth and _—— Hi heav ie this b Ich wl mit All my soul Welt zu Hein, ei 60 world be —— small, thow- shalt will mich is in dir ver = sen = kom ist all my dose. with < in Thee: and aleich Thee = 46 Jein mehr, chr als Welt und Him all, more, ore than earth and — hea Da capo al fine