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Mental Health

and Psyhiatric

Mirna Moctezuma

How does one develop a

mental disorder or
behavioral ?
combinations of inherited physiological vulnerability in the
brain or body or both
Tuarma e vents also factor
Sometimes a server mental illness that produced by
damaged brain which i s called Organic Psychosis
The combination of stressful or life crisis can c ause
depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or bulimia nervosa

Let's take obesity as an

Obesity is a behavioral disorder that may be inherited
vulnerability or abnormal i n the brain .
But i t may a lso be as a habit that a ren't good ones ,
Sometimes the environment contributes as for having
many fast food around l ike McDonald's .. e tc
This is consider a Biopsychosocial disorder

Helps understand a person's
medical condition i ts not just
biological but also the
psychological and social
The best way to treat this is
with s ome drug therapy a nd
psychotherapy, attempts with
social c ontact

Discovery and Development

Psychoactive drugs are useful tools that tend to fit one of

three c ategories
There's a 50-year history of success of using these kinds of
drugs to medicate for psychiatric disorders.
beginning i n roughly the 1950s through today
The c onman drugs i n the 1050s
Amphetamine dos and undos disorder
Chlorpromazine relieves symptoms
Imipramine- anti-depressants

Discovery and development

Psychoactive drugs are useful tools that tend to fit one of

three c ategories
Recreationally some are legal or Illegal drugs
Some drugs were accidentally discover like serendipity
Serendipity was discover to help treat schizophrenia or
depression sometimes . Now i t's used to help develop
newer drugs


Older medication were only to aim at specific

neurotransmitters but had very bad side effects
Strategy would be to synthesis new drugs to have the same
neurotransmitter as the older ones but less of side effects
For today worlds Obesity medicine has a combination of
two drugs : Phentermine to inhabit appetite a nd weight
loss & Topirmate which i s for anti-epileptic and anti-seizure

Clinical trials on
They are the most important for new medication
Use of a nimals (rodents) for an easy study of the e ffects on
the brain neurochemistary
Also a mechanism of a ctions that the drugs c an alter
They are for diagnoses and statistical

Cinical trial on humans

There has to a certain FDA requirement for the drug to run

on humans
The patient/subject goes under on what i s called a Double
Blind Matter, to be randomly chosen for the drug or