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NEHEMIAH // Return ➙ Respond ➙ Restore

Rejoicing Over God’s Words

Nehemiah 8
wk 9

Additional Bible Study Questions

Note: A small number of discussion questions will be given each week (see page 17).
These addtional Bible study questions (page 18) are optional, and intended as supplemental
questions for group or individual study. They carry an emphasis on life application.

4. Who were all the men on the platform with Ezra and what was their job description? (8:6-8)
Why is this important?

5. What attitude did the people of Israel have toward the Scripture? (8:3, 6, 9, 17) Do we today
respond like that?

6. They remembered the past — God’s great works — and their own rebellion and the reasons
for their exile. What is God calling you to remember?

7. What is the difference between wanting to know about God and wanting to know God?

8. OT history: on the second day of the convocation, how did the people react to the
rediscovered instructions regarding the Feast of Tabernacles (8:16-18)?

• Why would this particular festival have significance for the folks in Nehemiah?

• [Other Scriptures to consider for background: Leviticus 23:23-44; Numbers 29:12-38; Deuteronomy
16:13-17; Zecharaiah 14:4, 9, 16-20]