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A turnaround (TA) by definition is a planned, periodic event during which one

or more processing/production units are removed from service temporarily. In

the manufacturing sector, different industries use different terminologies to
connote this concept. Some use the term turnaround, some use shutdown,
while still others use the term outage. In some industries, the duration and
scope of the event determines the particular vernacular used.
Regardless of the terminology your industry uses, this event might occur
individually or in conjunction with an entire plant shutdown. The purpose of the
event typically is to perform maintenance such as equipment inspection and
repair. Its also an opportunity to replace worn out or broken process materials
and equipment that have reached their useful life. Both these activities restore
the asset bases life cycle and ensure the safe and efficient operations between
TA events. Often this work can be performed only when the
processing/production units arent in service.