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Phase 2: Preparation

Phase 2 preparation begins immediately after the preparation plan is approved.

This phase develops plan details before TA execution. Develop environmental,
health and safety plans to promote workforce health and welfare. Develop
logistics plans for reception, storage, protection, issue and demobilization of
every item of material, equipment, services, accommodations facilities and
utilities the TA requires. Write plans for quality assurance and quality control.
Quality assurance is a program for systematically monitoring and evaluating the
various aspects of a TA task, service or equipment/material to ensure standards
of quality are being met. Quality control measures inspection, testing and
engineering, which are used to oversee and improve the quality of work
The work list developed in Phase 1 must be validated and narrowed. Develop
detailed work packages for the finalized work list. The work package includes
the job scope, number of craftsman, labor hours to execute the tasks and task
scheduling. It also includes a standard job plan, detailing the operational steps
needed to execute the tasks with precision. Safety steps, permitting, drawings
and photos are part of a detailed work package.
Some use the term turnaround, some use shutdown, while still others use
the term outage.
After completing the detailed work packages, decide which work is to be
executed with internal resources and which are to be done with external
resources. Tasks to be executed with external resources must be scoped properly
and sent out for bids. Develop plans as to how these external contractors will be
Tasks on the final work list must be thoroughly vetted for risk and contingency
plans prepared for worst case scenarios. Pre-shutdown work such as prefab,
specialty and piping, must be identified and executed. Capital project work to be
executed concurrently with the TA must be fully integrated into the plan at this
time. Once Phase 2 items are completed, you should have a final work list, a
revised schedule and a cost estimate accurate to within 10% of the allocated
budget. Once again, Phase 2 packages should be approved by the steering
committee and communicated to the organization upon their approval.