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Chapter 1 Test Review

You Should Be Able To (YSBAT):

Practice Problems

Find an equation given a graph

Pg. 74 #s 59-64

Apply variation to real-world applications

Pg. 102 #s 63-74

Find the domain of a function

Pg. 45 #s 49-60

Find the inverse of a function graphically and algebraically

Pg. 91 #s 45-72

Find compositions of functions

Pg. 81 #s 31-34
Pg. 82 #s 43-46

Graph piece-wise functions and define their domain and range

Pg. 65 #s 35-40 with

domain and range

Define a function as even, odd, or neither

Pg. 58 #s 71-82

Identify the function family and transformation of a given function

Pg. 73 #s 21-46

Write an equation of a function described by given characteristics

Pg. 73 #s 47-54

Define line of best fit and apply it to a graph

Pg. 100 #s 13-16