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Reading Response One

1. Writers voice is the way of writing an author develops and uses when writing. For
example, the writers voice can be diction that is unique to the writer.
2. Writing in different genres is important because it allows for different styles and aspects
of writing. Writing in different genres can also make for different audiences. If a writer
wants to write to a younger audience, they might use a blog rather than a report. Using
different genres allows for unique and various writings.
3. Since I am a marketing major I expect that I will writing in all different types of genres.
Marketing uses different types of genres because of their advertising aspect. Whether or
not I use one genre or the next will be because of the audience I am trying to reach.
4. In marketing I expect to be using both MLA and APA depending on the subject I am
writing about since marketing can relate to many subjects.
5. Rhetorical situation is the reason why you write in a certain genre. It is the type of
situation you are writing about which ultimately decides what audience you are writing to
and what genre should be used for that audience.
1. I write mostly literacy narratives and reports for school and I dont do a lot of writing
outside of school.
2. The purpose of my academic writing is to widen my horizons and to get credit for my
classes. I want to learn and I am paying to learn so I try to make my purpose not only for

When I write I do think of my audience. When I write for school I know that my
audience is my professor so I try to write to their standards. When I did my writings for
UWRT 1101 I made sure to follow all of my guidelines and requirements so my audience
(the professor) would be pleased with my work.

4. Where I go for evidence depends on what genre I am writing in. If I am writing a

research paper I use google scholar for most of my evidence. If I were to write a report I
might just use observations for my evidence.
5. When I write I make a graphic organizer and then I write down everything I know about
the subjects within my graphic organizer. After I write down everything I go back and
make sense of it all.
6. I am hoping to write in multiple kinds of genres in this class and to learn how to write to
audiences other than my professor. Usually I write literacy narratives or reports so I
would also like to learn more about writing in other genres. In my 1101 writing class I
had blogs to do each week and I thought that was really cool. I want this class to be fun
and upbeat unlike other classes.

7. I hope my writing class isnt boring. I hate boring classes. everything is repetitive. :/ I
also hate writing papers all of the time. I want something new and fun!!! I like how
last year we got to write blogs but the subjects were kind of boring so Im really hoping
for some entertainment and new experiences.
a. These two paragraphs are different because one is more formal and written with
better structure and grammar. The reason one is more formal is because they are
different genres and have different audiences.