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Name: Justin Carumba


Grade: 2nd

Title: Movin Out Listening Lesson

Musical Focus: concepts/skills to emphasize



-Have the lyrics to the song pulled up on the the board.







X Rhythm

X Movement


-Recording of Billy Joels Movin Out

(Anthonys Song)

-Lyrics to Movin Out (Anthonys Song)


-Laptop or Speakers


National Standard(s) Addressed:

X Singing, alone & with others, a varied
repertoire of music

!Performing on instruments, alone & with
others, a varied repertoire of music

!Improvising melodies, variations and

!Composing & arranging music within
specific guidelines

!Reading and notating music

X Listening to, analyzing, and describing

!Evaluating music & music performances

X Understanding relationships between
music, the other arts, & disciplines
outside the arts

X Understanding music in relation to
history and culture

-Anticipatory Set: Begin the lesson by asking these discussion questions:

-Does anyone know who wrote this song? Does anyone know what this song is
called? Has anyone heard this song before? Do you think you can tell me what
this song is about?
- When ready to move on: Lets write down some keywords from we can pull from
the lyrics of this song


-Take in observations from Anticipatory Set
-What do you think this is song about?
-try to lead discussion towards the song being about a young boy
trying to make a living
-Lyrics in the first verse:

Anthony works in the grocery store

Savin his pennies for some day

Mama Leone left a note on the door

She said "Sonny move out to the country"

Ah but working too hard can give you

A heart attack, ack, ack, ack, ack, ack

You ought-a know by now

Who needs a house out in Hackensack?

Is that all you get for your money?

And it seems such a waste of time

If that's what it's all about

Mama if that's movin up then I'm movin out...

-Play the song as many times as necessary and do choreography with it
-choreography will represent the macrobeats and microbeats
(ex. microbeats will be emphasized on the word heart attack)
-Lets all do these movements!
-make sure to emphasize the macrobeats and the microbeats and when they
are important

Objectives: Learners will


Be able to (behavioral): keep a steady keep a

steady beat throughout the entire listening


! Understand (cognitive): differentiate the macro
and micro beats of the song


Encounter (experiential): movement and

sound that will aid in differentiating the macro

and micro beats


Change/add value (critical): concepts in music

class can be found in music that students may

already be familiar with


! Written
X Individual
X Group

X Informal

! Performance

! Other:

Closing Activity: (consolidation of lesson)

Game that includes choreography and emphasizes macro and micro beats:
-one student will be Anthony
-that student will be in the middle of the circle and point at students on the
outside of the circle on either the big beats or the little beats
-On ...then Im movin out... whoever Anthony landed becomes the new
Anthony and gets to stand in the middle

-Emphasize steady beat - it can get hard to get lost in the swing of this song
-Have a class discussion for what the choreo should be for the second verse to
perform class using lyrics of second verse