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Romeo and Juliet Act I

DARTs activities
Age range:

1012, 1214
Romeo and Juliet

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Source | This resource was originally developed by EAL Nexus. Images taken from Self-Made Heros
Manga Shakespeare series.

Act One: Prologue

What do we find out at the beginning of the play?

True or False?
Put a tick () by the true statements and a cross () by the false
The Capulets are a powerful family.
The Montagues are a rich family.
The Capulets live in Venice.
The Montagues live in Verona.
The Montagues and the Capulets are friends.
The Capulets hate the Montagues.

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Act One: Scene 1

Which character?

Fill the gaps, using the name of the character or characters below.
You may need to use some names more than once.
1. The __________ and the ____________ fight in the street.
2. ______________ says there must be no more fighting and
anyone who fights will be executed.
3. _____________ and his wife _____________ are worried
about their son ____________ .

4. They ask their nephew ______________ to find out what is

wrong with ____________.

5. ___________ finds out that ___________ is sad because he

is in love with Rosaline but she does not love him.

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Act One: Scene 2

Invitation to a party
Match the two halves of the sentences:
Paris wants

list of people to invite.

Lord Capulet says she is

a party.

Lord Capulet is having

to marry Juliet.

He sends a servant out with a

read the list.

The servant needs help to

Rosaline is on the list.

Benvolio and Romeo see that

a bit young.

Benvolio and Romeo decide

to go to the party.

Act One: Scenes 3 and 4

Getting ready for the party
Fill in the correct pronoun to complete the sentences:




1. Lady Capulet comes into Juliets room. _______ tells ______ that
Paris wants to marry _______.
2. Juliet tells _________ mother that ________ will follow ______
parents advice.
3. Juliet is calm but ________ Nurse is very excited.
4. Romeo is on _________ way to the party. _______ and
________ friends are laughing and joking.

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Act One: Scene 5

Lord Capulets party
Put these sentences in the right order to describe
what happens in this scene:
Tybalt recognises Romeo as a Montague.
Lord Capulet stops him.
Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love.
Tybalt decides to fight Romeo next time they meet instead.
Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet and she finds out that he
is a Montague.
Lord Capulet welcomes everyone to the party.
He wants to throw him out of the house.
They are both very shocked to find out they have fallen in love
with their enemy.
Romeo and his friends arrive.
They kiss each other.
1. __________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________
6. __________________________________________________
7. __________________________________________________
8. __________________________________________________
9. __________________________________________________


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Predicting what will happen in the play

Fill in the table putting things that you think will happen in the Very
likely column and things that you think wont happen in the Not very
likely column. You can use the suggestions below and add more of your

Very likely

Not very likely

Romeo and Juliet will get married

Romeo and Juliet will live happily
Tybalt will kill Romeo
Juliet will marry Paris
Romeos feelings will change again and he will go back to Rosaline
Romeo will go off with someone else
Romeo will ask Lord Capulet if he can marry Juliet
The Montagues and the Capulets will become friends
Romeo and Juliet will not be happy together
Lord Capulet will kill Juliet when he finds out about Romeo
The Nurse will tell Juliets parents she is seeing Romeo

What do you think?

Write three sentences about what you think will happen in the play:
1. I think
2. I also think that
3. At the end of the play I think

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