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Partnerships - B.

Ed year 4:- Print End of Practicum Report

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Year 4 graduating preservice teachers can be expected to display interest in teaching as a career, awareness of personal relations in teaching and an
inquiring attitude to teaching and learning. There are three domains, Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement
alongside 7 core standards that we ask you to reflect and write upon when providing feedback to the service teacher. The criteria in the report are
derived from the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) National Graduate Teacher Standards. A copy of the Standards
can be found at
This report should be completed in consultation with the preservice teacher and other relevant colleagues. A brief comment for each main Standard
will be sufficient. Preservice teachers and teacher educators encourage you to describe specific achievements, identify areas of concern and make
recommendations for future development.
Year 4 graduating preservice teachers will be involved in the development of a curriculum-focused project and extensive teaching practice, usually in
a primary school. In Year 4 graduating preservice teachers might develop, implement and evaluate a curriculum initiative, normally drawing on their
major studies background, using an Action Research Approach. Extensive teaching practice is essential. Preservice teachers are expected to keep a
journal containing reflections, evaluations and thoughts about this project partnership work. These become examples and evidence of how they meet
each of the 7 core standards of teaching. This evidence should be shared with the mentor teacher prior to the completion of this report.
PP End of Practicum Report Deadline: Week beginning 12th October 2015 - Preservice teachers must read and acknowledge that they have read
this report by checking the tick box next to Preservice Teacher and entering their name under the compulsory Signatures section. Mentor teachers
required to do the same before the report can be sent to Victoria University. Two copies of this report (one for the mentor and one for the preservice
teacher) must be printed while sending the report electronically to Victoria University.

ID: 3808113

Family Name: TAO

Given Name: JANINA

Teaching Method: Generalist

Year Level/Grade: Grade 1


School Name: Brookside P-9 College - Primary


Street: PO Box 3438

Mentor Teacher: Catherine Gatt and Kyaralee Breadmore

Suburb: Caroline Springs

Post code: 3023

Phone: 9363

School Partnership Coordinator: Brianna Peck


At a level of practice and understanding expected in Year 4 of the Bachelor of Education, the preservice teacher is consolidating their understanding
of professional knowledge. This graduating competence needs to address all aspects of teacher knowledge, practice and engagement as listed. At a
level of practice expected of the graduating teacher, please comment on areas of strength and/or aspects needing improvement in relation to the
following standards.
Note: Please refer to the AITSL National Graduate Teacher Standards for a listing of the specific characteristics expected under each of the seven
standards below.
These characteristics of teachers' knowledge, practice and professional engagement have been identified by teachers and teacher educators as
essential for the preparation of members of the teaching profession. This list of standards and characteristics provides a guide to effective teaching
practices that all teachers graduating from a course of preservice teacher education should have the opportunities to consider, understand and develop
as identified by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership.

Please complete the form using these symbols - A: above expectation B: at expectation C: below expectation NA: not applicable

Preservice teachers in Year 4 will develop their understanding of how teachers:

know students and how they learn

know the content and how to teach it


Janina has improved greatly in this area as she now uses department and school curriculum documents to assist in her planning sessions and
units. She has begun differentiating her lessons to allow for the different learning levels in the classroom. Janina makes an effort to know the
students and asks questions when unsure of a situation. She has been focussing on the vocabulary introduced and used at the appropriate
level. She has attended professional development to enhance her understanding in implementing essential reading strategies.
Please indicate development in relation to the Professional Knowledge domain: S (S= Satisfactory;

N= Unsatisfactory)


Preservice teachers in Year 4 will develop their understanding of how teachers:

plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

assess, provide feedback and report on student learning


Janina utilises planning time to locate resources and discusses effective strategies to teach topics and new concepts. She reflects on her
lessons enabling her to improve the effectiveness of her teaching. Janina came across difficult situations and at times needed assistance to
deal with them. She now has an awareness of strategies which have developed her ability to deal with difficult behaviours. Janina was able to
build a trust relationship with the students and understands the importance of ice breaker activities to develop this relationship. Janina has
experimented with a variety of different assessment types such as Fountas and Pinnell, taking photos, check lists and anecdotal records. She
understands the impact of positive feedback and how this can increase students confidence to complete a task.
Please indicate development in relation to the Professional Practice domain: S (S= Satisfactory; N= Unsatisfactory)


Partnerships - B.Ed year 4:- Print End of Practicum Report

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Preservice teachers in Year 4 will develop their understanding of how teachers:

engage in professional learning

engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community


Janina has engaged in professional development in a variety of ways. She has been an active participant in team planning sessions, Chris
Egan's workshops and Professional Learning Team meetings. Janina has taken a professional approach to parent helpers and aides in the
classroom. She directed them to work with small groups. Janina planned for an open classroom where parents were invited in and she took
the time to introduce herself to each of them.
Please indicate development in relation to the Professional Engagement domain: S (S= Satisfactory;

N= Unsatisfactory)


S (S= Satisfactory;

N= Unsatisfactory)


Janina should continue to develop confidence with classroom management strategies. She could build upon her repertoire of assessment
strategies. Find various ways to build positive relationships with students.

I agree that I have developed skills and knowledge and have found my strengths in my practice. I also agree that there are some areas that I
still need to build upon and understand that it will be ongoing throughout my teaching career. My experience at Brookside College has been a
very pleasant and positive one. There have been times where I have felt challenged but I believe it has helped me grow as a teacher.
Brookside College has been a very welcoming community to teach in.

Preservice Teacher:
Mentor Teacher:

I have read this report

I have read this report

Name: Janina Tao

Date: September 18, 2015

Name: Catherine Gatt and Kyaralee Br

Date: September 18, 2015