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Letter from Ward Anderson regarding Preliminary Draft of Sonoma County Local

Coastal Plan, Sept. 30, 2015

As a long-time resident of the Timber Cove/Fort Ross neighborhood, I strongly request
that the Draft LCP, as presented at the Timber Cove Fire Station, needs to have
significant revisions before progressing any further in the approval process.
The current Draft does not protect the unique and valuable attributes of our Coast. It
would be a grave error to provide the encouragement of developments proposed in the
Draft LCP. Indeed, the new LCP should actually provide greater clarifications and
restrictions than are present in the existing guidelines.
We need the new LCP to recognize the limitations of our existing coastal environment
and infrastructure, and establishing development guidelines accordingly.
There are many areas where water is extremely limited, with wells that can produce
amounts barely sufficient to support limited residential and agricultural use. It is
foolhardy to allow developments which will consume excessive amounts of water for
tourists or agricultural production. A permitting process needs to be designed that
scrutinizes a proposal according to the specific location for a proposed use.
Fire hazards are especially critical in this area. The local Volunteer Fire Department(s)
will simply be overwhelmed if(when) a major conflagration event happens here.
Emergency Medical Services are remote, often taking over 30-60 minutes to respond.
There was a recent article in the Press Democrat which warned of the impending fire
danger in Sonoma County, with specific mention of this coastal forested area.
Roads are mostly sub-standard within much of this Coastal area. Many miles of the
local roads are basically single lane, with little or no room for two vehicles to pass each
other on narrow, curvy roads with no shoulders or pull-outs. They suffer from poor
maintenance by the County already. To allow and encourage additional developments
until the road conditions improve is a danger to public safety.
This Coastal area is a unique and valuable natural resource, and the LCP needs to be
written in ways that recognize and protect both the natural environment and also the
people that choose to live and visit this special area.
Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to your work-in-progress.
Ward Anderson
Cazadero, CA 95421