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| Legal Services Gro sor ane nanaarenneau e300 COMMISSIONER ¥ 03 9678 8001 7 1300 796 344 {local cally FO & WIC. OV. ais W Re PWALDR ony Further, the matter having been resolved at mediation, it WAS up to you to decide whether t roper coercion having been applied to you to force you fo sign the deed. In addition, the issue of the fairness and enforceability of the agreement was canvassed before the County Court, The Court did not make any finding impugning the deed or the Conduct of the lawyers who drafted it. In these circumstances, it is Not open for this office to consider an issue that has already been befor court where no adverse finding has been made. {n relation to the information Provided by \ = given by? ~ about the payment you oifered on = Court in some depth. No finding of impropriety was made about ‘ oo a + Again, this is not an issue that could be appropriately investigated as it involves bo an issue that has been before the Court and communications between the lawyér and an offi of the lawyer’s-client, which wouid be protected by client confidentiality,