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=Notes and Tones ‘Musician-to-Musician Inter views By Arthur Taylor ‘A erigee Book ART BLAKEY “Our music has nothing to do with Africa.” Wold ou ll me ao Pr sd anh eur erlopne er a ‘Ata bic? eh at, a! ut here unre dn ave ayia 1 with your sevopment 2 teaca! Dube you deco Jousel a mao ? oar aig mete. Ldelped main by siya hs oda mee yo reap ue | ely ‘tied ses rumen Ren Yo, note Poe That ‘Sy ete cnt any met he. 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Pict at a Ne nd Tones / 244 Fee ia aan ans eet Sp An bie bby atl ag Avi em by oe Bemis oars Besse cay tt nt eb fom een re ok Se eer rioe een eemene month sane vl nor fe ne "M}atal yon Gay |e rcord. Tak he bad, weve et angen sd oy otc Seat pyr eo ee a things we've done on record were costacnty acmpis fea sees meson epigeee eeres aaee ves ae oa eerste ieiecta 245-1 hat ley ‘as of thre Deca i 09 wight. This hy we have ‘ove ome ad cor. A ine gs, Jou ea. 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