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Post Unit Assessment
Directions: Read each word problem carefully. Follow all steps learned in class to
solve each problem.
Must show all work, make necessary annotations, label answers with correct units
of measure and check for accuracy
1) Jamie has 42 purple pencils, Carey has 5 blue shirts and Bobby has 9 boxes of
marbles. Each one of Bobbys boxes holds 50 marbles. How many marbles
does Bobby have?

2) On Saturday, I walked 2 miles in 1 hour for Relay for Life. If I maintained this
pace for the 8 hours I walk, how many miles total did I walk?

3) A peanut butter cookie recipe calls for 2 cups of creamy peanut butter, 1 cup
of sugar and 3.5 cups of flour. You want to make 23 recipes for a bake sale.
How many cups of flour will be needed to make all the cookie recipes?

4) Ms. Kane is hoping to improve her swimming skills. She bought a two-year
swimming pool pass at the community pool for $780. If she makes one
payment per month for two years, how much is each payment?

5) Mrs. Gray bought four strings of Christmas garland that were each 12 feet
long. She needs 45 feet of garland to string on her Christmas tree. Does she
have enough garland? If not, how much extra does she need? If so, how much
extra does she have?

Assessment Rubric:
Each problem is worth a total of 10 points. Students may receive partial credit for
problems even if they did not provide the correct answer.
Point System:

1 point-circling identifying terms

1 point-crossing out unnecessary information

1 point-box around useful information

2 points-constructing proper equation(s)

2 points-providing accurate answer

1 point-labeling unit of measure

2 points-checking for accuracy

Points Received/Percentage Correct




25pts or below

50% or below

Students who score 85% or above, will have mastered the objective.
Students who score below 85% will receive re-teaching based on their needs.