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Install Fusion Applications Provisioning Framework

[fusion@idmhost ~]$ cd /stage/installers/faprov/Disk1/

[fusion@idmhost Disk1]$ ./runInstaller

Install Oracle 11g Database (Fusion Apps Database)

fusion@fahost ~]$ cd /app/fusion/
[fusion@fahost fusion]$ unzip /stage/installers/jdk/
To install Applications Transactional Database we need to run Oracle Fusion Applications Provisioning Wizard
from <framework_location>/provisioning/bin
<framework_location> is same where we installed the framework in previous post. i.e. /app/fusion
[fusion@fahost ~]$ cd /app/fusion/provisioning/bin/
[fusion@fahost bin]$ export JAVA_HOME=/app/fusion/jdk6
[fusion@fahost bin]$ ./ &

Run Oracle Fusion Applications Repository Creation Utility (Applications RCU)

[fusion@fahost dp_dir]$ cd /app/fusion/provisioning/apps_rcu/bin
[fusion@fahost bin]$ ./rcu

Create Fusion Applications Response File

[fusion@fahost ~]$ export JAVA_HOME=/app/fusion/jdk6
[fusion@fahost ~]$ cd /app/fusion/provisioning/bin
[fusion@fahost bin]$ ./ &

Provision an Applications Environment

Start Fusion Applications Provisioning
Launch the installer from <provisioning_repository>/bin
It is important to start it with -ignoreSysPrereqs true switch
[fusion@fahost bin]$ cd /app/fusion/provisioning/bin/
[fusion@fahost bin]$ ./ -ignoreSysPrereqs true &

This concludes our Fusion Applications 11.1.8 Installation..