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Restaurants that Deliver

Sales Overview

1. Steering the Meeting

a. This is your opportunity to guide the restaurant owner to the sale.
Address each point of your pitch in the order you want. If the owner
wants to know the price before you have finished, you can respond
with, I will go over the pricing in a few minutes, but I would like to go
over online ordering benefits first. Some restaurant owners will ask
a lot of questions, which is good, but make sure you are in charge of
how the conversation is progressing. Ask questions, especially if the
owner is not speaking much, to discover the advertising and online
ordering needs for the restaurants.
2. Persistence
a. Persistence means not taking no for an answer. Keep going back to
the restaurant until someone with authority tells you no. Even if
someone says no ask if you can try again in 6+ months. Go back to the
restaurant every week until someone agrees to meet with you. You
can be persistent by eating at the restaurant, asking the employees
questions, frequently emailing the owner to set up a meeting, and
making your marketing visible to the restaurant.
b. Setting up meetings is the most difficult part of selling restaurants.
The more meetings with restaurant owners you can arrange the
higher amount of restaurants you will sign up. Be more persistent
than any other salesman in your city and the number of meetings you
have will increase.
3. Dont be scared have SELF CONFIDENCE
a. Confidence is about believing in yourself and your abilities. You can
show confidence to a restaurant owner by having a firm hand shake,
speaking loud and clear, keeping eye contact, and not being caught off
guard. Be passionate about the product and truly believe in what you
are selling.

Making the Sale

1. Before the sale
a. Groundwork
i. When a meeting is finally set up make sure you are prepared. Study
this manual as much as possible and make you have every online
ordering benefit, general selling point, and restaurant concern
response memorized. Practice with a friend over and over again
until you feel 100% confident.

ii. Do as much homework about the restaurant as possible. Know

their target market, where advertising money is spent, popular food
dishes, etc. Each restaurant owner is different and the sales pitch
should be adjusted for every meeting. If a restaurant already has a
large local population presence sell them on how you can bring
them more students. If the restaurants main target market is
students explain how you will get them more students or how you
can increase their catering orders with large businesses. Age of the
owner is also important. Older owners are less likely to find a great
feature on an app to be benefits so instead focus more on increased
revenue, no risk, and brand exposure. Younger owners will
understand the customer benefits of online ordering.
iii. Information needed before a meeting
1. Does the restaurant offer online ordering internally or with
competing websites?
2. Does the restaurants one or multiple locations? If they are a
franchise what are some examples of online ordering sites
do they use in other cities?
3. Does the restaurant spend money on advertising? Where
4. Does the restaurant offer deals on certain days? With deal
companies like groupon?
5. How popular is the restaurant from a customer
perspective? Monitor review sites to get this information.
b. Setting up a meeting
i. Setting up a meeting with a decision maker sometimes can be
the most difficult part of making a sale. Most restaurant
owners will view you as just another salesman trying to get
them to spend money.
ii. Visiting the restaurant and showing your face is always the
best way to set up a meeting. Calling and emailing can work
occasionally, but most restaurant owners will usually ignore
iii. Always visit restaurants during slow hours. Most restaurants
are slow during 2:00 pm 4:30 pm, but some restaurants may
be slower from 10:00 am 11:30 am. Earlier in the week
works better as well.
iv. Get to know the manager and use that relationship to get to the
v. Dress to your client. Dont wear a suit and carry a briefcase, but
instead dress in jeans and button up or collared shirt and carry
a portfolio/folder.
vi. Ask for the owner or manager and do not spend time talking to
lower level employees.
vii. Tell the employee who greets you are you would like to meet
with the owner, manager or whoever makes all the marketing






decisions for the company. If this person is not available make

sure to get a name of you need to speak with and leave your
business card. Find out the best day and time to come back.
Ask if you can have an email address or cell phone number,
but usually this is not given out.
When you speak with the owner ask for five minutes of their
time. Make sure you stress just five minutes and that is it. Use
this time to go over basic selling points and how the website
works, but mainly to convince the owner to set up an actual
time to meet.
If the restaurant owner is there ask if you can schedule a time
to meet, but do not let them say, Let me take your business
card and I will get back to you. Restaurant owners rarely call/
email you back and you should not leave until a time is set. If
the owner still wants to call you back later in week, ask Can I
come back to the restaurant and check in if I dont hear from
you by ____? Make sure before you end the conversation the
restaurant owner is aware that you will be returning the
restaurant to follow up.
Always add notes about a meeting to the scouting page after
visiting a restaurant. Even if the meeting lasts 30 seconds take
note of what was said and when a follow up should be made.
Set a reminder in your calendar to follow up on a specific day
and time.
Independent Franchise i Franchised restaurant owned by a
local business owner. It is best to go into the restaurant to set
up a meeting with the owner. Sometimes the manager is
capable of making a decision. Make sure if meeting with the
manager that he or she is actually going to make the decision
and not just relaying your message to the owner. Be very
persistent in setting up a meeting with everyone who will have
a say in the decision making process. Franchises usually have
large marketing budgets, but prefer to stick to traditional
Corporate Franchise or Franchise Group - This type of
restaurant is the most difficult to get a hold of since the person
who makes the decision does not live in town. First try to get
the contact information for the corporate office. Constantly
send emails and phone calls to the office to set up a meeting
until someone responds, but no response is usually the result.
Attempt to build a relationship with the store manager and
have him or her help you contact the corporate manager and
let you know the next time he or she will be in town. Many
general managers will be replaced with a new GM frequently
so go back every six months even if you were told no.

xiii. Local Business i Local business owners should be the

easiest to set up a meeting with and sign up. Some local
business owners do not spend money on advertising and it
may be difficult to persuade them to try something different.
Language barrier when dealing with ethnic restaurants can
present a challenge, but if the owner sees other ethic
restaurants signed up he or she may be more inclined to talk.
The Mr. Delivery menu page can be an online presence for
potential dine in customers looking to view a menu if the
restaurant does not have a website. Be persistent with this
group, especially if they are spending money on advertising or
using competing online order sites.
c. What to Bring to Meeting
i. Tablet or computer if Wii Fi is available
ii. Multiple examples of past fliers and promotional items
iii. Business card
iv. Sales Packet and Powerpoint to show restaurants
v. Any necessary sales figures and website statistics
vi. Order print out examples
vii. Report examples
viii. Marketing Opportunities packet for restaurant to fill out
ix. All documents needed to filled out by owner to get started
2. During the Sale
a. Once a meeting is set you will have an opportunity to show why Mr.
Delivery is the best way for a restaurant to spend their advertising
b. Walk the restaurant through your powerpoint presentation and go
over as many online ordering benefits and general selling point as you
c. Explain how the process works for receiving orders, communicating
with customer service, setting delivery zones and fees,
d. Show the ordering process from a customer end and why customers
enjoy using Mr. Delivery.
e. Make sure to emphasize that Mr. Deliverys value to the restaurant is
more than just online ordering. Mr. Delivery is not a Grubhub or
Eat24 who simply focuses on bring online orders to the restaurant.
Instead the goal is to bring the restaurant more revenue overall, even
if its dine in and takeout business which Mr. Delivery does not make
commission from.
f. Do not mention price until you have had a chance to go through all the
points you want to cover. Once commission price is mentioned make
sure to tell the restaurant that some of the percentage has to be

allocated to a marketing budget because of the all the free advertising

you will do for them.
g. If the restaurant has concerns, refer to the restaurant concerns
section to answer appropriately.
h. If the restaurant wants time to think about it, make sure the
conversation ends on the benefits and value of Mr. Delivery, and not
the cost.
i. Email Pitch
i. The email pitch can be very difficult because most owners and
managers will not respond. Be sure to include a condensed
version of relevant points from above, which can be specific for
each type of restaurant. The main goal of any email is to push
for a meeting. Stress no contracts or monthly fees and that you
want to show the owner all the marketing you do for a
3. After the Sale
a. Discounting and Negotiating
i. Get concessions, such as:
a. a great deal, Mr. Delivery logo on menus, window
decal, exclusivity, and free food for sampling.
ii. Don't discount your commission (10i 28%) unless you
get something significant back.
iii. When first starting you can trade to build up your site, but as
the site progresses you should be more reluctant to lower
b. Marketing Opportunities
i. If a restaurant agrees to sign up make sure to collect all the
information from the marketing opportunities checklist. The
best time to obtain deals, free food samples, and other cross
promotional opportunities is when the restaurant has just
agreed to sign up and is excited about working together. The
marketing conversation could be set for a later date, but it is
possible you may not get to speak with the owner for a long
time. Set up a time when you can come back once the online
menu is complete to run test orders, train management, and go
over customer service procedures.
c. Exclusive Advertising
i. Goal is to get restaurant to sign 16-30% for highest advertising
package. Many restaurants will say they cannot afford to give
such a high percentage out of their sale, but at least half of the
commission should be allocated to an advertising expense.
Find out how much they currently spend on advertising. Show
them projections on how much you anticipate them spending
with us per month to be on the highest advertising package. If

the restaurant reaches a certain amount of sales per month the

commission percentage will go down (or up in some cases if a
deal is made). Tell the restaurant the goal is for them to not
spend money with any other advertising company (radio, TV,
print, etc.) in the whole city because we will bring them so
much business and exposure.

Benefits of Online Ordering

1. Restaurant Benefits
a. Accuracy - Every order is 100% accurate. There is no risk of getting
wrong customer or order information.
b. Higher Average Tickets - 10-15% higher average tickets because
customers have time to add on other menu items like drinks, sides,
and extra sauce/meat/cheese/toppings. Restaurant employees are
most likely not offering these extras to customers, but online ordering
automatically upsells. Customers do not feel pressured by the
employee to get off the phone so they spend more time ordering.
c. Save Labor/Improves Operations cut employee labor costs by not
having them answer the phone. Takes up a lot of the employees time
for a college kid who doesnt know his address to place an order.
Employee could be spending time preparing food or cleaning.
d. Each order is tracked Restaurants able to review and analyze data
to understand target demographics, popular menu items, busiest
order times/days, etc.
e. Delivery Zone Mapping Multiple delivery fees and minimums can
be implemented. This allows a restaurant to accept orders from long
distances away because they can require a high minimum order and
charge a large delivery fee.
f. Order Frequency Studies have proven customers order more
frequently when a restaurant offers online ordering

2. Customer Benefits
a. Can order at their own pace/control over the ordering process
b. Wont get put on hold/quicker ordering time
c. Can order online from phone
d. Delivery and payment information can be saved
e. Favorite orders can be saved for quick reordering
f. Discounts and loyalty programs offered
g. Can easily view all the restaurant menus
h. Different specials and promotions always going on
i. Customers are often embarrassed by what they really want to eat
(study by Duke University)

General Selling Points

1. Established Company
a. 20+ markets around the country
b. 500+ restaurants
c. $_____ Orders transacted per year
2. Targeted Marketing
a. Point of decision advertising. Your restaurant brand can be listed in
front of customers who want to order food right before they decide
what to eat. When customers come to Mr. Delivery you know they
want food and most likely delivery. When you advertise in a
newspaper you have no idea what kind of people are looking at it.
b. Find out if the restaurant needs more student business, local resident
business, catering order, etc. Show them what advertising you will do
to get them that business.
3. Return on Investment
a. Only pay for the business we bring you. Much better form of
advertising than newspaper, TV, radio because you can actually track
how many people are ordering from your restaurant and how many
have viewed your menu. This should be brought up when restaurant
is currently spending money on other forms of advertising.
b. Find out what advertising the restaurant is currently paying for before
meeting with owner. Prepare reasons why Mr. Delivery is better than
any other advertising they are currently doing.
4. Menu Views
a. Not only are they getting more delivery and takeout orders, but show
them how your site is a menu guide service for hungry people. Goal is
not just increase their online ordering business, but also in store and
call in business. 5-10% of the customers who view their menu online
will also come into the restaurant and buy food.
b. If you can get the restaurant 2000 menu views/month, show them
how that is the same as them paying for 2000 menus to be passed out.
5. Brand Exposure
a. Just having your restaurants menu on will get
hundreds of menu views for free (show statistics). Restaurant names
are on all the fliers, emails, social media posts, etc.
6. Customer Service
a. Around the clock support for menu updates, order issues, turning off
delivery, etc.
7. Relationship building /Local

a. Build a relationship with the owner so he/she trusts you. Show them
how much knowledge you have about the city, marketing for
restaurants, delivery zones and fees, etc.
b. Show them why you are better than Grubhub and other national
competitors because you are local and meet with owners on a regular
basis. You can do a better job of marketing and get them more than
just online orders.
c. Share stats and help the owner visualize how many hungry people
visit your site on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
d. Get to know the clients on a personal level
e. Given advice to clients on other subjects such as hours of operation,
delivery zones fees/minimums, POS systems, online presences on
Google and other social media sites, certain large event days and
locations, other advertising mediums as their friend and not a
salesman, etc.
8. Guerilla Marketing
a. We do a lot of marketing for restaurants if they are at our top
advertising level.
b. Restaurant marketing philosophy If a restaurant believes they offer
a great product then the best way to gain a new customer is to get
them to sample it and receive a menu as well. Why are they spending
money on paying for advertisement when they could just cover the
cost of food and we will handle the rest?
c. Mr. Delivery has three main target markets. Give the restaurant
examples of all the advertising that is done to target these groups.
i. Students food sampling on campus and to student
organizations for social media attention, promotion schedule,
restaurant specific promotions, passing out fliers and door
hangers, emails, social media, relationships with apartment
ii. Businesses free food luncheons. Mr. Delivery will target
specific businesses that do not currently order from the
iii. Hospitals food and menus can be passed out to hospitals that
do not order from the restaurant.
9. Different Avenue of Receiving Orders
a. We are the Expedia of restaurants, but on a local level. Expedia and
Kayak collect all of the travel options available to consumers, meaning
that they collect all the information into a onei stopi shop.
b. Consumers prefer to use Mr. Delivery because the site is a one stop
c. Emphasize this point especially if restaurant already offers online
ordering. Restaurants like Papa Johns have online ordering and get a
lot of orders through their site, but customers that order at already know they want Papa Johns before they visit
the site. Customers that visit are usually undecided
on what to eat and you can advertise to them at the point of their
decision. The Papa Johns example is similar to American Airlines
offering their own online ordering, but also selling flights through
10. Risk Free
a. No contract, no setup fees, no monthly fees, no cancellation fees. If we
dont bring restaurant orders you dont pay anything. It is extremely
important to emphasize this point to a restaurant owner. Most
advertising companies require the restaurant to pay before sales are
brought and be locked in a contract. Our model is pay for
11. Competitor Advantages
a. No other site has as much content since we deliver and work with
restaurants that have a delivery service. More people will come to Mr.
Delivery than any other competitor.
b. Advantage over portal sites more restaurants, get to interact with
customers at door when making deliveries, local presence
c. Advantages over RDS sites more restaurants, deals offered, takeout
offered for non-delivery restaurants
12. Online Presence
a. Some restaurants do not have a website. Sell the restaurant that an
online ordering page can be their online presence for customers who
only eat at a restaurant if they can search their menu online first.
13. Statistics
a. Show a restaurant owner how many menu views you bring other
restaurants each month. Use Google analytics report to show how
much traffic your site has.

Restaurant that do not Deliver

1. Opening Statement
a. When speaking with decision maker standing up for less than 12
i. Hi my name is _____ and I am the market owner of Mr.
Delivery. Were a local advertising company that offers a

delivery service for restaurants. Customers can order food

online from their computer or phone for delivery or
takeout. We do a lot of guerilla marketing for restaurants
to bring them more business with students, large
businesses, and hospitals. Would you have time to meet
with me so I can explain more about my business and show
you how we could increase your revenue?
b. When speaking with a decision maker while sitting down in a
i. There are a lot restaurant delivery services and online
ordering companies that can bring your restaurant more
orders. Mr. Delivery focuses most of its efforts on
advertising for restaurants. We dont just to bring you
delivery orders, but also increase your walk in business
through our guerilla marketing efforts. Our goal is to take
away business from restaurants like Jimmy Johns and
Panera, and grocery stores. We want to give customers
another option besides pizza and sandwiches when
ordering delivery.
2. Points to go over in meeting
a. How the process works
i. Customers order food online with their computer or phone
and the restaurant receives the order by fax, wireless
printer, or a tablet. You can also receive an automated
reminder call if you want. Next, you get the order ready
like a regular takeout order. Our drivers are dispatched
from our call center, which oversees 20+ different markets,
and then arrive at the restaurant with a heated bag that
plugs into the car. Finally, the driver goes directly to the
customers and delivers the food in less than one hour.
b. Drivers outsourced
i. All our drivers go through a strict background check to
make sure they have no felonies, over 21, and will act very
professional when representing your restaurant.
c. Restaurant online ordering benefits and General Selling points
i. Everything from above
d. We are not perfect
i. Delivering for restaurants is never going to be perfect. Mr.
Delivery has a goal of delivering 93% of the orders in less
than one hour. If an order is messed up, even if it is the
restaurants fault, Mr. Delivery will do everything in its
power to make sure the customer is not upset with the
restaurant. Compensating the customer, giving out a
coupon for another order, or refunding the order
accomplishes this. There is a budget set aside to give
coupons to out to customers.

e. Cost
i. 28%, which includes 3% credit card processing. Mr.
Delivery has call center, general manager, insurance,
drivers, and marketing to pay for. Be willing to accept a
lower percentage if the restaurant allows for increased
menu pricing and the restaurant will still be able to get
orders. An example would be 10% discount and a 25%
markup in prices. Make sure to tell restaurant that unless
they are at 28% they will not be included in all the
marketing. A judgment call can be made, depending on the
quality of the restaurant, if restaurant will not pay 28%.
20% is the lowest to accept, but make sure a lot is received
in return from the restaurant and there is an mutual
understanding that the cost may raise in the future.
f. Incremental revenue/how restaurant makes money
i. Customers ordering from Mr. Delivery are going to order
from another restaurant if the restaurant is not available
for online ordering. Incremental revenue they would not
be able to get if not on the site. Fixed costs, such as rent
and insurance, are already paid for and labor costs will not
increase if we bring you 5-10 orders per day. Most food
costs are around 30% and if the commission percentage is
30%, the restaurant should still be able to make 40 cents on
the dollar. Would you rather have the order and have to
give 30% discount or not get the order at all? Some of the
commission percentage has to be allocated to an
advertising fund. If no orders are brought the restaurant
pays nothing, but still receives all the advertising.
g. How restaurant gets paid
i. Restaurants are paid bi-weekly by check or direct deposit
h. Takeout offered
i. Other restaurant delivery services only are able to offer
delivery. Mr. Delivery can bring takeout orders to a
restaurant for a lower commission percentage, which
should account for 10-15% of the total orders.
3. Restaurant Concerns
a. My food doesnt travel well on delivery
i. Ask if the restaurant offers takeout? Restaurant cannot
guarantee the quality on a takeout order. It could be up to
30 minutes in a cold car before the customer gets to eat
his/her food. Delivery drivers have warming bags that plug
into the cars.
ii. Customer service does not send an order to a restaurant
until the driver is 15 minutes away from the restaurant.






This prevents the food from sitting out too long at the
iii. You correct in saying that the quality of food is better when
eaten in the restaurant vs having it delivered, but not by
that much. Your food is still good when eaten at home 10-
20 minutes after it is prepared and people will pay a
premium to have it delivered.
iv. Could offer a limited menu selection only with food that is
profitable and travels (fries and other menu items do not
travel well)
v. Could offer a smaller delivery zone so the food will be
delivered much faster to customer
I cant afford paying 28%
i. Fixed costs are already paid for and if restaurant gets 5
orders per day labor will not go up
ii. If I have 100 customers outside that will spend $1000 at
your restaurant or the one across the street, but the only
way you get them to come to your restaurant is if you offer
a 30% discount. Would you take the $700 or rather have
no customers at all?
I am already using another delivery service that charges cheaper
or only want one
i. Mr. Delivery is an advertising company that has a delivery
service. Our goal is not just to bring you delivery orders,
but also increase your walk in traffic by promoting your
brand. Mr. Delivery is the only online ordering site that
works with delivery restaurant and non-delivery
restaurant. Takeout orders can also be received from the
Mr. Delivery site. There is no risk and if the restaurant can
cancel at any time if they do not see an increase in revenue.
Accounting issue
i. Mr. Delivery works with hundreds of restaurants around
the country and there is no doubt we can help with this.
Many restaurants will create an account on their register
system and pay the account every two weeks.
Restaurants that do not have this ability will keep paper or
email records of each order. When a check or deposit is
received each order is checked against the detailed
restaurant report.
Cant wait 2 weeks to receive money or I need money everyday
i. The marketing received from being on the Mr. Delivery site
should outweigh the cost of receiving money every two
ii. A debit card can be provided or gift card can be purchased
if the restaurant still refuses.
Worried about giving our food to you to deliver it

i. Mr. Delivery has proven to be a successful business in

multiple other cities. Customer service and local
management are always monitoring orders. Risk free since
there are no contracts.
g. Wont you take away business from my current customers?
i. Our goal is to bring you new business from customers who
want delivery food and will not leave their house to get
food. When these people are hungry they usually have to
decide between pizza and sandwiches, but we would like to
offer them something different. There are a lot of
customers who dont have a car or cannot leave their work
to get food and will never be able to eat at your restaurant.
We target these customers to bring your restaurant
incremental sales.
4. Gift Card Program
a. If chain restaurant does not want to pay a percentage of
commission offer to buy $1000 of gift cards for $900. Every time
an orders comes through the restaurant can use the gift card and
receive the money instantly.
5. Takeout only
a. If a restaurant will not sign up to have their foods delivered then
suggest they be on the site for takeout only. The restaurant can
still be on every flier, email, and run takeout only specials. Explain
to the owner they can still get menu views and brand exposure
from being the on the site. Eventually, the goal is to switch the
restaurant to delivery side as well.