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News from the Library November 2008

Crossett Library and Jennings Music Library—Bennington College

On Exhibit: Jen Bennett’s wünderkammer New in the Library

Jen Bennett’s work is current on exhibit in
Crossett Library. She explains, “For the
Bennington Fashion Show in spring 2008, I
created a line based off the wünderkammer –
the Victorian cabinet of wonders and
curiosities. I found the meticulous hoarding of
each strange and exotic treasure, a scene of Georef is an online index that
chaos displayed behind dusty glass doors, contains citations to over 2.6
oddly representative of my mind’s own million publications in the
cabinet. I blended Grimm-inspired aged wool areas of geology, geophysics,
and lace, birds’ nests, faux fur wolf-eared geochemistry, paleontology,
hats, and a myriad of embroideries, girlish and physical geography.
pinafore silhouettes, and found objects to
mimic the emotions I unearthed when
considering how my childhood memories
would look displayed inside a wünderkammer.
To represent the Victorian, I incorporated an
uncomfortable undertone of Alice-like
sensuality, in the form of sheer lace tops and
a backless corset strung in gold chains and an Arts & Architecture, 1945-54: The
oversized locket.” Complete Reprint is facsimile
edition of the groundbreaking
magazine; in ten boxes, each
New CDs in the Jennings Music Library containing one year's worth of

Milford Graves Richard Cobo New York Art Quartet

Seu Jorge Seu Jorge Seu Jorge

Villadangos Ginastera Ginastera Mike Marshall Albert Ayler Milford Graves

New Music Books at Crossett

Music at Writing The Music Sounds of The World The Somebody DelightfulLee
the Limits about Music of Joni the in Six Voice: A Scream! Lee Morgan
Mitchell Metropolis Songs Memoir