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-------------------1. Find a way to "Sign" the application "S60v3_Unsigned_.MobileSystems.MSDict.Vi

or just hack your phone so that it will install "unsigned" applications witho
ut signing them;
else the phone will report "Certificate error,Contact application supplier"
(Lots of methods are available for hacking, just search the forum)
2. Uninstall old "MsDict Viewer" if u have it installed already ( If your viewer
is of
version 5.00, then no need to uninstall it. Because only v5.00 supports audio
3. Install the signed "MsDict Viewer v5.00"(no need to sign if your phone is hac
ked) provided
to you
4. Install the audio files in the correct sequence(it is numbered sequentially)
either in
MMC/Phone Memory (wherever u will have adequate space)
5. Paste the dictionary provided to the folder [E:\Documents\MSDict]. If you alr
eady have
the dictionary in the stated location then you can skip this step (Along with
this you
can have as many number of dictionaries you want)
6. Open the application and nJOY!!!!!!!!!!!