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Assignment Sheet


What I learned
1. Exercises: Plotting Data, Statistical Variables, and Matrix Editor 9/20/15
I learned that the information received from a histogram and a box plot can be found in the Var Stats. All you have to
do is enter the list and it gives you all of the information. It is a lot faster than creating multiple graphs to find the
2. Solving Equations Using Matrices


I learned that it is very easy to solve Matrices on the calculator. The calculator is capable of storing matrices which is
useful if youre doing a multi-step problem with more than one matrix.
3. Recursive Powers


I enjoyed this unit because it taught me how the calculator can store data. The recursive powers of the calculator
decrease the chances of making a mistake from entering the wrong numbers into the calculator. As humans, copying
number after number into the calculator multiple times, we can make a mistake. The recursive powers help avoid
mistyping a number or function and they also save time.
4. Definite Integrals


After learning how to solve integrals by hand, they can become tedious and time-consuming. Learning how to solve
definite integrals on the calculator is very helpful, especially for the more difficult multi-step problems.
5. Calculus Applications


I learned how to find the derivative of a function by using the calculator. I like how the calculator shows the function
and its derivative on the graph. Its a different way of viewing derivatives instead of just finding the numerical
6. Coordinates of an Intersection


If you plot two functions you can find their intersection points by hitting second, trace, and intersect. Its so easy to
7. Graphing Calculator Solutions


I thought this activity was awesome. I learned how to graph the functions at the same time to see the speed of each
train and when they will overlap. You can even try to pause it at the time you that you think they will overlap.
8. Excel Spreadsheet on Interests and Fibonacci


I learned how to enter data and create formulas in Excel.

9. Trigonometry and Transformations of Graphs


I learned how to shift and alter sin and cos curves. I also learned about limacons and how to predict the number of
loops they will have.

10. Function Graphing


I learned how to graph different functions. I set y1 equal to the top half of the circle and y2 I set equal to negative y1
for the bottom half of the circle.
11. Draw Instructions


I learned that it is possible to draw line segments, horizontal lines, vertical lines, the inverse of a function, and a
circle. I did not know that was possible before and I think that is a really great feature.
12. The Drinking Fountain


I love that the calculator has images and that we can upload images. I learned how to move the cursor to drop points
along the water parabola and how to find the equation of that parabola. Its nice to see math applied to something as
simple as water from a drinking fountain.
13. Best Class: Statistics


I learned how to create histograms, box plots, and interpret the data.
14. Transforming Fish


I learned that you can take a program and enter it into the calculator so that you dont have to enter every single point.
I also learned how to move, enlarge, and shrink the fish.
15. Which activity did you learn from the most? Why?
I learned the most from Graphing Calculator Solutions. I needed the review of polar mode, and I also learned how to
graph two functions simultaneously.

16. Which activity did you enjoy the most? Why? How will these exercises help you with the OAE Math exam ?
I enjoyed the Transforming Fish activity the most because I learned how to enter a program into the calculator and
how to move the points without reentering all of them. It was very useful. I think these exercises will help me for
the OAE Math exam because I learned about so many of the calculators capabilities. Knowing how to use the
calculator is the first step to knowing how to solve the problem. If you do not know how to use the tools youre
given, the problems will be much harder.