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Kaylee Driscoll

112 W Miles St. Preston, Iowa, 52069


To obtain a student-teaching position in elementary education starting
January 2016
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education
Minor: Literacy

Major GPA: 3.28/4.00

Expected Graduation Date: December 2016


OSHA Blood borne Pathogens

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter

Clinton Community College, Clinton, Iowa

Associate of Arts-May 2013
Aldine, Texas
in October 2015

Will complete

Field Experience III

Sacred Heart, Waterloo, Iowa
Fall 2015
Advanced Literacy Practice Field Experience
Advisor: Jane Frost

UNI Faculty

Tutored one 3rd grade student with reading needs over the course
of 10 weeks
Prepared and taught lessons to improve comprehension and
writing process skills to meet the needs of the individual student

Blessed Maria Assunta Pallota, Waterloo, Iowa

Spring 2015
Assessment and Evaluation of Literacy
Advisor: Debra Tidwell

UNI Faculty

Taught and designed ten lessons for an 8 th grade student

Performed and analyzed various formative and summative literacy
Selected instructional strategies to help meet the needs of the
individual student

Lincoln Elementary School, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Spring 2014
3rd Grade-Field Experience II
Cooperating Teacher: Samantha Moore
Dr. Curtis Nielsen

UNI Faculty Advisor:

Guided classroom administration of the Iowa Assessments

standardized test
Taught two lessons pertaining to comparing and contrasting two
books to two students in 3rd grade
Tutored individual students with special reading needs to ensure
Led 5-7 students in a math rotation

Preston Elementary and High School, Preston, Iowa

Fall 2013
Field Experience I
Cooperating Teacher:
Molly Brown

CCC Faculty Advisor:

Tutored individual students one on one assisting them with

assigned homework
Analyzed teachers techniques through observation and recording
learned information
Assisted teacher with grading papers and assignments

Nanny, Preston, Iowa

Oversaw kids from infants to age 5

Developed activities to engage and entertain children

Wee Care for Young People, Preston, Iowa

August 2013

October 2012-

Child Care Provider

Provided child care to children from infants to age ten

Supervised four to eight children throughout the day

Prepared and presented activities such as art activities, board

games, and outdoor games
Cleaned and closed the center


UNI Maucker Union, Cedar Falls, Iowa
August 2013-May 2015

Carry out basic cleaning duties

Provide a clean environment for visitors of the Union
Direct visitors to their destinations

River Village, Maquoketa, Iowa
Summer 2014

Developed activities for the elderly residing in the apartments

Calvary Lutheran Church, Sabula, Iowa

December 2010-2013

Prepared Christmas gifts

Distributed gifts to families in the community

Preston High School, Preston, Iowa

Junior High Club Volleyball Coach

Trained junior high girls in the basic fundamentals of volleyball

Taught the importance of teamwork

Dance Marathon