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Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr

Thaye Series

Advice Given To Lhawang Tashi

by Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Thaye
I take refuge in Padmasambhava.
O Kagy gurus, please grant your blessings!
Please turn the minds of faithful ones towards the dharma;
May we embrace the path of liberation beyond return!
Atisha, the protector of the snowland, said:
Among many, examine your speech;
When you stay alone, examine your mind.
Briefly he taught these two points.
The mind is the root of faults
And the mouth is the gateway for these faults to emerge.
Thus, always watch over both.
All of sasra and nirva are your own mind;
They dont arise from anything else in the slightest.
Everything, such as joy and suffering, good and bad,
High and low, are the conceptual constructs of mind.
If your mind is pure, you are buddha:
Wherever you reside is a pure realm;
Whatever you do is from the state of the dharmat;
Whatever appears is the jewel display of wisdom.
If your mind is of an impure nature,
Youll see faults even in the buddhas,
Youll get angry even at your parents,
Most things will appear as if they were your enemies.
Expectation, fear, attachment, and anger will continue unabated.
Such useless things will waste your life away.
Whomever you associate with, there will be discord
And wherever you stay it will be uncomfortable.
However much you own, you wont be content.
For everything you accumulate, youll need that much more.
Being distracted again and again by the appearances of this life,
Even if you think about practicing dharma
Youll waste your life caught up in present activities.

At first, when you feel a sense of renunciation

Youll feel like you could be rid of each and everything you own;
Once you become intractable youll cling even to needles.
At first, when you feel a sense of devotion
You wont think of anyone except your guru.
After a while, youll have wrong views.
At first, when you feel a sense of faith
Your spiritual practice will pile up one on top of the other;
As you get older, all of this fades away.
Whenever you find a new friend
You value their life more than your own.
Once your enthusiasm fades away,
Youll be upset with them as if they were your enemy.
The root of all of these
Is not taking your own mind to be paramount.
If you are able to make use of your mind
Then you dont need to search for some other place of retreat;
When concepts are absent, that is your retreat.
You dont need to search outside for the guru;
The nature of mind is the enlightened guru.
You dont need to worry about other spiritual practices to be done,
Being without distraction is the heart of spiritual practice.
You dont need to deliberately abandon distractions,
If your mindfulness is firm, things are spontaneously liberated.
You dont need to fear that afflictions will occur,
If you recognize their nature it is primordial wisdom.
Except for this momentary mind of yours,
Sasra and nirva are not established as anything else.
Please always watch over the mind!
Unless mind is tamed within,
Outer enemies will be inexhaustible.
If you tame the anger within,
All enemies on earth will be pacified.

If contentment does not arise within your mind

Even if you have everything you could ever want, youll be like a beggar.
Those who are content and rid of clinging
Are always rich even without possessions.
When you accomplish wholesome worldly activities
As well as dharma and virtues,
Habitual tendencies arouse mental joy;
This causes you to take birth in the higher realms.
That is also impermanent, it is sasra.
When looking at the essence of joyful feelings,
You see they are empty
And this is a cause for the path of liberation.
Suffering arises from unwholesome
Spiritual and worldly activities.
If you follow after thoughts and afflictions
Such as hatred, anger, and desire,
It will cause you to take birth in the three lower realms.
To be born in any of them brings about unimaginable torment.
Whatever afflictions or sufferings occur,
By looking at their essence they vanish into emptiness.
There is no way for wisdom to revert from that state.
To not separate your mind from this
And always guard your mind is critical.
The entirety of the dharma is encapsulated in guarding your mind.
The bodhisattva Shantideva spoke of how to guard the mind:
For those who wish to guard their minds,
This is brought about by mindfulness and introspection.
As is said, 'All should diligently guard their minds!'
I fold my hands in reverence to such persons.
To practice in accordance with what is said here is critical.
That being so, the six collections of consciousness and all appearing objects,
Are simply the magical display of minds nature.
Thus, it is a mistake to think there is some agent who practices adoption and

Even though taking things onto the path

As an equal taste is supreme,
For the beginner, let your view be high
And your practice precise.
As it is said, The human form with its freedoms and advantages is hard to find.
Thinking over and over about death and impermanence,
Give rise to certainty about the infallibility of karma and its effects.
When you see or hear of anothers death
Know it to be a warning for you.
When you notice the changes from summer to winter
Recall that everything is impermanent
When you catch sight of bees with their honey
Know that possessions are unnecessary.
When you see a house or town that is empty
Consider it as your own home or dwelling.
When you see others have parted ways with their friends
Recall your own close relations.
When things suddenly happen to others against their will
Remember that such things could happen to you as well.
Self and othereverythingis as a dream;
There isnt even the slightest thing which is truly established.
When you maintain the natural state as it is
Without spoiling or fabricating your mind,
The emptiness of all inner and outer phenomena
Is realized to be the sky-like union of clarity and emptiness.
That is ultimate bodhicitta.
Migrating beings who do not realize this
Wander in sasra under the influence of dualistic apprehension.
Limitless and unfabricated compassion
Naturally arises for those who undergo such torment.
This is relative bodhicitta.
Without grasping at compassion, realize its emptiness.
Compassion, the spontaneous energy of emptiness, will emerge.
Union is the essence of the teachings of stra and mantra.
You should engage in this profound practice.

The method for having such things arise in your mindstream

Is to accumulate a wealth of merit, take all of it into your own hands.
Pray to the Three Jewels.
Take devotion to the guru as the vital point.
Encourage yourself and others to avoid wrongdoing
And, however you can, engage in virtue.
Do not separate yourself from the bodhicitta of the Great Vehicle
Nor from pure dedication of your merit.
The spiritual practitioner known as Lodr Thay,
An old yogin who does nothing but eat, sleep, and defecate,
Composed this to clear up some things for Devendra,
A virtuous-minded person whose magnificent qualities are like the waxing moon.
May you have long life and master dharma practice
And may the two-fold benefit be spontaneously accomplished!
Sarva siddhirastu mangalam!
Translated by Joseph Faria, 2015.

MahmudrPreliminaries, Main Part & Conclusion

by Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Thaye
Namo guru!
Although plenty of Dharma preliminaries are taught,
They are all summed up in revulsion and renunciation.
Devotion to the guru too is particularly important
For traversing the paths and stages in months or years.
Much is said about what's key to the main practice,
But there's no teaching more profound
Than emptiness with compassion at its very core.
In your own mindempty, clear, unceasing
The three kyas are, by nature, complete.
Recognise them, and then be watchfully aware.
There's no need to look for nyat elsewhere!
Cultivate compassion for all your old mothers,
Who, not realising the natural state, are now deluded.
A great deal could be said about concluding practices,
But confess any misdeeds right away,
And dedicate whatever virtues you have performed
Towards the enlightenment of all sentient beings.
And be sure to recite Mahyna prayers of aspiration.
In response to a request from Rinang Khandro,
I, Lodr Thay, wrote down whatever came to mind.
May it be of benefit to others!
| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2015.

Mahmudr: The Swift Way to Become a Lord of

by Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Thaye
Embodiment of all sources of refuge, noble guru,
Inspire us with your blessings, I pray!
Now that you have this unique opportunity, free and well-favoured,
Use it, I beg you, to practise Dharma for the benefit of future lives.
Human life is like the sun shining between the clouds:
It can be gone in a moment, with nothing accomplished.
And regret at the moment of death will be to no avail.
So practise straightaway with diligent enthusiasm.
The Dharma is vast and it has many forms,
But the teachings that bring Buddhahood in a single lifetime
Are the two ultimate systems of Mahmudr and Dzogchen.
The Mahmudr of bliss and emptiness on the path of means
Is the actual practice of secret mantra,
But those who practise it are few and far between.
The Mahmudr of the innate on the path of liberation
Is an easier practice offering great reward at little risk,
And is of benefit to all, regardless of capacity.
For this, take the practice to heart in its essential form.
Motivate yourself with reflection on impermanence and death,
And limit all unnecessary activity and projects.
Generate disgust and renunciation from the depths of your heart
For the whole of sasra and its three realms.
Purify your mind with the preliminaries in the beginning.
Then, for the main part, practise guru yoga,
And let your devotion develop and increase.
With your body in the correct posture,
Look into the essence of mind, be it moving or still.
Whether it is in motion or not,
Its nature remains the same.
So settle in an unaltered experience of its essence.
It's crucial that you're constantly mindful and aware.
When a stable stillness of mind develops,
Then, without deliberate clinging or fixation,
Blend it with sensory perceptions and states of mind,
And thereby integrate your thoughts into the path.

When seeing a fleeting thought in the present moment,

By viewing its essence with penetrating presence,
It is freed by itself and dawns as dharmakya.
There's no other activity in the essence of mind,
So don't manipulate mind in the next moment.
If, without trying to apply a patch to your thoughts,
You remain relaxed, undistracted while not meditating,
In the natural flow of genuine mind, as it actually abides,
You will swiftly become a powerful lord of realization.
In response to a request from Dharmatara,
Who is a supreme guru and guide,
This brief summary was offered
By the kusli Lodr Thaye.
Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2015.

The Kusli's Instruction on the Nature of Mind

by Jamgn Kongtrul
Namo guru!
Although there are many ways of explaining view and meditation,
They all come down to sustaining the essence of one's own mind.
What we call 'mind' is not something that exists elsewhere
It is the very thought that you are experiencing right now!
So without being swept away and following wherever it leads,
Look directly into its face, its very own essence,
At that time, there's no duality of 'looker' and 'looked at'.
As it is empty, there's no real substance.
As it is clear, it is aware of itself.
These qualities are not separatethey are a unity.
Out of nothing at all, anything at all can arise.
You need only sustain this with the mindfulness of never forgetting
This bare and simple recognition of the nature itself
There's no need to search for some other object of meditation!
Untainted by fabricated hopes and anxieties 'Is it?' or 'Is it not?'
Allow the mind to settle, directly, just as it is.
This unfabricated and 'ordinary' knowing
Is the ultimate clear light of dharmakya.
Although many special terms exist in Mahmudr and Dzogchen,
The real root of the practice boils down to simply this.
Not content with this, seeking 'Buddhahood' as some other excellence
Is merely to be bound up in hope and fear something to avoid!
As a means of bringing about realisation in this way,
Devotion and the accumulations are of the utmost importance,
So always emphasise devotion for the guru and Lord of Orgyen,
And strive to practise virtue with your body, speech and mind.
In response to the request of my own student, Pema Chpel,
A holder of awareness mantras from Gat Trindu,
I, the kusli Lodr Thay, wrote this from Dechen sal Ling.
May virtue and positivity abound!
| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2015.


A Brief Biography of Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Thaye

by Alak Zenkar Rinpoche
The sublime Kongtrul Ynten Gyatso (1813-1899) was born in the hidden valley of
Rongyap, which lies in front of Pema Lhartse in Drida Zelmogang in East Tibet, in
the Water Bird year of the fourteenth calendrical cycle.
His father, was Tendzin Yungdrung of the royal Khyung clan of accomplished
practitioners, and his mother was the yogini Tashi Tso.
From his fifth year, he studied the basics of the alphabet and so on. Then, from the
age of about ten, he began to study on an enormous scale and without sectarian bias,
receiving teachings from many spiritual guides of various traditions, including
Gyurme Thutob Namgyal of Zechen, Tai Situ Pema Nyinche Wangpo and Jamyang
Khyentse Wangpo. He learned all the common sciences, such as Sanskrit grammar,
logic and epistemology (prama), arts and crafts, medicine and so on, and he
studied, reflected and meditated upon all the uncommon topics of learning, including
the Madhyamika, Prajpramit, Vinaya and Abhidharmakoa of the vehicle of
characteristics, as well as the tantras, commentaries (gama) and pith instructions
(upadea) of the mantra vehicle, from both the kama and terma and both the old and
new translation schools.
To provide guidance for fortunate disciples, he composed and edited the ninety
volume collection of texts universally renowned as the Five Great Treasuries:1
1. The Treasury of Encyclopedic Knowledge, which brilliantly reveals the
ground, path and fruition for the whole of sutra and mantra, from the
paths of the common sciences all the way up to Dzogchen Atiyoga, which
is the culmination of the nine vehicles in the uncommon approach.
2. The Treasury of Precious Instructions, which is a compilation of the most
profound maturing empowerments and liberating instructions belonging
to the eight great chariots of the practice lineage.
3. The Treasury of Kagy Mantras, which is a compendium of mandala
rituals, maturing empowerments and liberating instructions, such as
Yangdak, Vajraklaya and Yamntaka from the Nyingma kama, and the
tantra cycles from the new translation lineages of Marpa and Ngok.
4. The Treasury of Precious Termas, which distills the quintessence of an
ocean of profound termas within the Nyingma school.
5. a) The Uncommon Treasury, which contains the unique secret treasures of
his own profound terma revelations.

b) The Treasury of Extensive Teachings, which includes various related works,

such as praises and advice, as well as compositions on medicine, science and
so on.
In addition, he dedicated his whole life to teaching and spreading the Dharma, by
giving empowerments, instructions, advice and reading transmissions for both sutra
and mantra, kama and terma, old and new translation schools, without any sectarian
Finally, at the age of eighty seven his physical manifestation was absorbed into
absolute space.
His students included lineage holders from the Kagy school, headed by the
fourteenth and fifteenth Karmapas and the tenth and eleventh Tai Situpas, as well as
masters of the Sakya and Ngor traditions including Jamyang Loter Wangpo and
Chje Kunga Jamyang, holders of the Early Translation teachings including Mipham
Jamyang Namgyal and Tertn Lerab Lingpa, and masters from the Riwo Gendenpa
tradition, including Gyme Khenpo Yeshe Gongphel and Drakyab Dongtrul Khechok
Ngawang Damch Gyatso. In short, his disciples were incredibly vast in number and
came from all over Tibet, from the provinces of and Tsang in Central Tibet and
also from the upper, middle and lower regions of East Tibet.
Written by Thubten Nyima.
| Translated by Adam Pearcey, Rigpa Translations, 2005.

1. For a detailed description of these Five Treasuries see also E. Gene Smith,
Among Tibetan Texts, Wisdom Publications, 2001, pp. 262-7 and the appendix
to The Autobiography of Jamgn Kongtrul: A Gem of Many Colors, transl.
Richard Barron, Snow Lion Publications, 2003.


Quintessence of the rya Majur Tantra Commentary

This quintessence of the tantra of the Great Perfection of Majur has three parts.

1. The Meaning of the Beginning

In the language of India: rya majur tantra garbha
Since India is the source of the Dharma, this shows the pure origin of the teaching.
In the language of Tibet: ('phags pa 'jam dpal rgyud kyi
yang snying)
It is translated in order to make it it is easier to understand.
Homage is then paid to the yidam deity, so that obstacles will not arise, and merit
will increase:
Homage to Majur!
Majur is Gentle Glory: gentle indicates the freedom from the two obscurations,
which is the perfect abandonment; glory indicates the perfect realization, in which
all qualities are fully present. What does this refer to? It is the wisdom of the natural
state of the Great Perfection, which is by its nature clear light with the essence of
emptiness. To realize this without duality is to pay homage.

2. The Meaning of the Main Part

From this point onwards is the main part of the text. First of all, there is the perfect
context for the teaching, which is shown by the words in this way.
This indicates the five perfections. It indicates that in this place, this teacher gave
this teaching, at this time, to this retinue. The place is the great heaven of Akaniha,
the teacher is the Buddha Vajradhara, the teaching is this tantra, which reveals the
profound nature of ultimate reality, the retinue is made up of bodhisattvas on the
tenth bhmi, such as Vajrapi and the rest, and the time is the inconceivable time.
Furthermore, this same phrase also shows how the teaching was brought about: as a
result of Vajrapis request to reveal the profound and secret teaching, the teacher
taught in this way. At that time, the teacher and retinue were blessed into a state of
Then the actual theme of the tantra is expressed in terms of the three tantras (or
continua)the continua of the ground, path and fruition.

The Continuum of the Fruition

The continuum of the fruition is taught first in order to inspire students. The
Awakened One, the transcendent Lord indicates the ultimate level of fruition, the
state of a perfectly awakened buddha or transcendent lord, who has abandoned all
that must be abandoned, realized all that must be realized, and carries out
enlightened activity continually and uninterruptedly.
The Continuum of the Ground
Then the continuum of the ground is shown. You might wonder from where the
continuum of the fruition arises, so the text says, The wisdom kya, spontaneously
arisen. Wisdom here means the apparent wisdom, which is pure awareness, or
rigpa. Kya means the dharmakya, the aspect of emptiness. This emptiness and
clarity, which has the essence of awareness, is the nature of all beings minds. It is
not made any better by enlightenment; nor does the state of an ordinary being make
it any worse. It has always been present, without falling into the extremes of samsara
or nirvana, and so it is naturally arisen.
The Continuum of the Path
Although this naturally arising wisdom already abides in such a way, the continuum
of the path must still be revealed so that we can purify our false clinging and
dualistic perception.
The single eye of wisdom, entirely unobscured refers therefore to the essence, the
wisdom of primordial purity, which is free from all delusion. This is referred to as
the eye of wisdom because it is our own individual awareness. It is single because
this alone sees the nature of all things. It is entirely unobscured because when we
rest in this pure awareness according to its own mode of being, all the conceptual
constructs of dualistic perception are pacified.
The next line, the light of wisdom, forever shining brightly, refers to the nature,
the wisdom of spontaneous presence, which is referred to as the light of wisdom
because it has the discernment of clear light. When this is seen through skilful means
it continually arises, so the text says forever shining brightly. As the mind becomes
habituated to these two forms of wisdom, all our dualistic perceptions and the
elements of the body are all purified, and we attain the kya of the wisdom being
Majur, so the texts says To you, Arapacana, I pay homage. This refers to the
wisdom of clear light, which is beyond arising, beyond ceasing, beyond remaining,
beyond characteristics, beyond aspiration, and beyond coming and going.
This is the meaning of the main part: realizing the ground, training in the path and
gaining the fruition.


3. The Meaning of the Conclusion

Then there is a praise rejoicing in the meaning of what has been expressed: To you,
the very embodiment of wisdom, I bow. This is a homage paid in the recognition
and realization that the teacher and retinue are non-dual in nature.
Thus it is explained by all the perfect buddhas means that since this is the
profound definitive meaning which is taught by all the buddhas of the past, present
and future, it should be cherished by all those of supremely good merit and fortune.
The main part of the text could also be explained in another way. The first wisdom
could be taken to mean the yoga of the Great Perfection beyond conceptual ideas,
and the second wisdom could refer to the deity, mantra, mandala, subtle channels,
energies and essences and so on.
The name of the tantra is the Essence of the Perfect Recitation of the Names of the
Wisdom Being, the Transcendent Lord Majushri.
Essence here indicates that just like butter churned from milk, the entire meaning
of the tantra is shown here in just three statements.
This concludes this teaching, spoken by the transcendent lord kyamuni.
Of the two categoriesWord and treatisesthis belongs to the category of Buddha
Word. Of the three types of Buddha Worddirectly spoken, spoken by authorization
and spoken through blessingthis belongs to the category of teachings that were
directly spoken. As for the one who taught it, it was kyamuni. He taught it
directly, and since all buddhas are one in their wisdom mind, they also taught it
indirectly. This concludes means that this is complete in terms of both word and
meaning, with nothing whatsoever omitted.
Guru Padma gave this to Jomo Shedrn.1
Then it was hidden as a terma. The precious Guru Chkyi Wangchuk took it from
Khoting Lhakhang in Lhodrak, where it was entrusted to Nyentn Dzambhala2 of
Yangdrok and the terma seals were released, bringing benefit to beings on a vast scale.
Virtue! Virtue! Virtue!
| Translated by Adam Pearcey, Rigpa Translations, 2007.


(sh zang drn), a consort of Guru Rinpoche. She later incarnated as

Tertn Sarben (or Bensar) Chokme.


2. Nyentn Dzambhala was one of the main terma assistants (teryok) of Guru


Prayer for Peace and Stability
by Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Thaye

kyabn lum knchok tsawa sum

Unfailing sources of refugeBuddha, Dharma and Sagha, and gurus, yidams and kins,

khyepar gangchen gnpo chenrezik

And especially Avalokitevara, protector of the Land of Snows,

jetsn drolma guru pema jung

Together with Noble Tr and Guru Padmasambhava,

solwa deb so tukdam shyalshy gong

We pray to you: think of us and the sacred pledges you have made!

mnlam yongsu drubpar jingyi lob

Grant your blessings, so that our prayers of aspiration may be fulfilled entirely.

nyikd dro nam samjor lokpa dang

Beings of this degenerate age think and act in perverse ways,

chinang jungwa trukp gyukyen gyi

And disturbances in the elements, both outer and inner,

ngar madrakpa mi chuk dalyam n

Mean that disease and pestilence, unknown in ages past, threaten human beings and
animals alike.

za lu gyal dn nakchok jungp zer

Planetary forces, ngas, gyalpo, obstructing spirits and jungpo demons,


tsa s ser sum lony maktruk ts

Cause blight, frost and hail, poor harvests, war and conflict,

charchu minyom gangchen dra j ten

Untimely rains and ominous portents for the Land of Snows,

say m dra jung shyi jikpa dang

And there is fear of earthquakes, fire, adversaries, and environmental catastrophe,

khyepar ten la tsew tamak sok

And especially of foreign invaders who might harm the teachings.

gangchen jong dir n ts rik tadak

May all types of harm and violence in these snowy lands,

nyurdu shyi shying tsen jom gyur chik

Be swiftly pacified and eliminated entirely.

mi dang mimin drowa tadak gi
May precious sublime bodhicitta

gy la changchub sem chok rinpoche

Arise naturally in the minds of all beings, human and non-human alike,

ngang gi ky n n ts samjor dral

So that they never again think or act in harmful, violent ways.

pentsn jamp sem dangden n kyang

May the minds of all be filled with love for one another!

byul ta dekyi pal gyi jor

May the whole of Tibet enjoy abundant splendours, happiness and wellbeing!


sangye tenpa dargy yn n shok

And may the Buddhas teachings flourish and endure!

tsa sum gyalwa s ch denp tob

Through the force of the truth embodied in the Three Roots, the Buddhas and their heirs,

khord gew tsawa gang chi dang

And through the power of all the sources of merit throughout sasra and nirva,

dakchak lhaksam nampar karw t

And of our own completely pure, positive intention,

soltab mnp drebu drub gyur chik

May this, our prayer of aspiration, be fulfilled!

The precious master Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo said, These are extremely turbulent times and there is no telling
what will happen. I am praying for peace and stability in Tibet six times each day, and it is important for you to
do the same. So it was that I, Lodr Thaye, wrote this down as a personal reminder, in Tsadra Rinchen Drak on a
propitious morning during the waxing phase of the twelfth month.
Yatha siddhirastu!


The Fount of Longevity

The Chim Phakm Nyingtik Lineage Prayer
Composed by Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Thay

rangjung takp dorj tsepakm

Amityus, Boundless Life, natural, everlasting and indestructible,

chidak djom tsuktor nampargyal

Ua-Vijay, Victorious Conqueror of mra, Lord of Death,

kyilkhor wangchuk yishyin khorlo la

Tr, the Wish-fulfilling Wheel, 1 chief of the mandala,

solwa deb so tsewang ngdrub tsol

To you I praygrant me the attainment of power over life. 2

gyurm yeshe rang zuk shri singha

r Siha, the very form of changeless primordial wisdom itself,

podral powa chenpo bimala

Vimalamitra, unchanging in the rainbow body of great transference,

dorj ku ny pema sambhava

Padmasambhava, you attained the imperishable vajra kya:

solwa deb so tsewang ngdrub tsol

To you I praygrant me the attainment of power over life.


chgyal yabs damp nden j

Dharma kings Trisong Detsen and Gyals Lhaj, destined to receive this teaching,

bairo nubchen chokyang namnying bang

Vairotsana, Nupchen Sangy Yesh, Gyalwa Chokyang and Namkh Nyingpo,

ts lam sangw drok chok tsogyalmar

Yeshe Tsogyal, supreme secret consort on the path of longevity:

solwa deb so tsewang ngdrub tsol

To you I praygrant me the attainment of power over life.

sal long n trulp dorjer shar

Resplendent as a vajra, appearing in clear lights vast expanse,3

drim yeshe gy ziji tro

Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, with your countless shining rays of immaculate wisdom,

drow mnsel palden lama la

You illuminate the darkness of living beings: glorious master,

solwa deb so tsewang ngdrub tsol

To you I praygrant me the attainment of power over life.

chim ku ny tennyi yungdrung ling
Yungdrung Lingpa 4 in your immortal body,

chkyi gyatso gyurm tsewang tsal
Chkyi Gyatso 5, Tsewang Gyurm, 6


rik kn khyabdak chkyi lodr la

And you, Chkyi Lodr, enlightened lord of all buddha families:

solwa deb so tsewang ngdrub tsol

To you I praygrant me the attainment of power over life. 7

tuktik kabab dam zab ch dzinp

Holders of the core of the profound instructions in this Heart Essence transmission,

tsa gy lama chim kyilkhor lha

Root and lineage lamas, deities of the mandala of immortality,

pawo daki damchen tersung la

kas, kins and samaya bound terma protectors:

solwa deb so tsewang ngdrub tsol

To you I praygrant me the attainment of power over life.

yongdrub dorj dtsi l kham kyi

With your blessing, let the vajra nectar, that is utterly unchanging, cleanse this body of
the stains of transference,

pow dri tr nyukm tikl s

And nurture the indestructible, original tikl,

tar nang l la tenp sok gi ts

So that the longevity of my vital force, based on this illusory body of mine,

ku yi dorjer drubpar jingyi lob
Is transformed into the vajra body!


tab dang sherab tamch dechen ngang

With your blessing, let everything arise as skilful means and wisdom in the state of great

tnmong tnmin n kyi zakpa kn

And the crucial points of the practice, common and extraordinary,

gyurwam dam poch tikl ts

Eliminate impurities, once and for all, so that the longevity of the transferring tikls

sung gi dorjer drubpar jingyi lob
Is perfected as vajra speech!

nangwa trulm sal bub su ts

With your blessing, let all appearances, free from delusion, be absorbed in the sphere of
clear light,

rigpa drim kadak lhum su shyuk

And rigpas awareness enter the womb of the immaculate, primordial purity,

namyang mingyur takpa nyukm ts

So that I realize ultimate and original longevitynever-changing and everlasting

tuk kyi dorjer drubpar jingyi lob
As vajra mind.

gyundr kyechi jikpa kn l drol

With your blessing, freed from all fear of cause and result, birth and death,

chim takpa damp tsewang tob

And master over a lifespan immortal, unending and supreme,


khorwa si du gyn mi chep ku

May I appear in never-ending enlightened forms, for as long as sasra lasts,

yeshe dorjer drubpar jingyi lob

To realize and embody indestructible vajra wisdom.

This prayer was composed by Pema Gargyi Wangchuk Tsal at Kunsang Dechen Osel Ling, the upper hermitage of
Palpung monastery, and the heart of Devikoti Tsadra Rinchen Drak. May it become the cause for the
accomplishment of a life immortal and indestructible. May virtue abound!
| Rigpa Translations, Patrick Gaffney, 2013; revised 2014.
1. Wish-fulfilling Wheel is an epithet of White Tr, indicating that she accomplishes continuously
whatever we wish.
2. Power over life is one of the ten powers of buddhas and bodhisattvas. To have such mastery over
your lifespan means you can choose to abandon your life or remain to the end of an incalculable aeon
of time, depending on your wishes. It is said to result mainly from generosity.
3. This line is a play on one of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpos names, sel Trulp Dorje, which was given
to him by Vimalamitra.
4. Jamgn Kongtrul Ldro Thay
5. Kathok Situ Chkyi Gyatso
6. Jamyang Khyentse Chkyi Lodrs father
7. This verse was composed and added by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.


The Indestructible Vajra Garland, An Aspiration Prayer for the Lives of the
Supreme Holders of the Non-Sectarian Teachings
by Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Tay

Om svasti siddhi bhawatu

O svasti siddhi bhavatu!

migyurwa tsepakm gn sok

Unchanging Light1, Lord of Boundless Life 2 and the rest

chok chu d sum gyalw denpa yi

By the truth of these conquerors throughout the ten directions and three times,

sangye tendzin palden lama nam

May the lives of the glorious gurus, who hold the Buddha's teaching,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

den sum dang tekpa rim gu yi

e three pitakas and the nine successive vehicles

damch chak dangdralw denpa yi

By the truth of the holy Dharma free from attachment,

ch chok jungn palden lama nam

May the lives of the glorious gurus, who are the source of supreme Dharma,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!


gyals changsem nyenrang pakp tsok

The noble community of the conqueror's heirs, the bodhisattvas, the rvakas and

gendn mich dnp denpa yi

By the truth of the Sangha whose aspiration is unswerving,

tsok chok drenpa palden lama nam

May the lives of the glorious gurus, who are the guides of the supreme community,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

tsoky dorj bimamitra sok

The Lotus Born Vajra, Vimalamitra and the rest

rigdzin tsagy lam jinlab kyi

Through the blessings of the Vidydharas, the root and lineage masters,

drow dren chok palden lama nam

May the lives of the glorious gurus, who are the supreme guides for beings,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

chidak djom rik ng kyilkhor sok

The maala of the five families who destroy the mra of the Lord of Death,

yidam gyd shyi druk tukj yi

And the other yidam deities of the four and six classes of tantrathrough your

kyilkhor wangchuk palden lama nam

May the lives of the glorious gurus, who are the lords of the maala,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

yishyin khorlo drubp gyalmo sok

Through the capacity and power of the kins of the three places and the Dharma

n sum khandro chkyong ntu yi

The Wish fulfilling Wheel3, queen of accomplishment, and the rest,

dechen gy rol palden lama nam

May the lives of the glorious gurus, who delight in the play of great bliss,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

ky tob jor jung pnsum tsokpa yi

With their perfect qualities, those present at birth and those acquired in this life,

gyalten sal dz ch ts tsomp dak

They illuminate the Conqueror's teachingsmasters of exposition, debate and

lung gi tendzin khep khyuchok nam

May the lives of the holders of the Dharma of transmission, foremost among scholars,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

damtsik tsang shying drubpa nyingpor dz

Those who keep pure samaya, take the practice to heart,


chnyi dn zik lhar ch tsuk gi gyen

And see the nature of phenomena are like adornments on the crowns of all, even the gods

tokp tendzin naljor wangchuk nam

May the lives of these holders of the Dharma of realisation, lords among yogis,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

tsultrim shyi ten tingdzin nangwa sal

With the stable ground of discipline, the clear light of samdhi,

sherab tsalden pakp nor gyi jor

And the strength of wisdom, they are rich with the wealth of the Noble Ones.

tubten drnm drow kyabn nam

Lamps of the Muni's teachings, sources of refuge for beings,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

May their lives remain secure and their enlightened activities increase and spread!

tp gy drol samp jedrak ch

Through listening they liberated their minds, through contemplation they have clear

gomp dn tok shyendn lhur dzepa

And through meditation they have realised realitynow they strive for others' benefit,

khyents nden gyalw tendzin nam

As wise, compassionate and powerful holders of the teachings of the Conqueror,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

May their lives remain secure and their enlightened activities increase and spread!


wangpor tsamp tek rim natsok la

Having practiced the various stages of the vehicles, in accord with their capacity,

lekpar shyuk n tsulshyin chpa yi

They always act appropriately

rim ky chen chok kn shyukpa nam

May the lives of these great, non-sectarian masters, who reside in all directions,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

Remain secure and may their enlightened activities increase and spread!

tendzin tamch pentsn tuktn ching

May all the holders of the teachings be forever in agreement,

tubp ten la chok khyer sel mepar

And without any bias or prejudice towards the Buddha's teachings,

daknang yangp rang ten kyong shyindu

As they guard them, as if they were their own, with vast pure perception,

shyabp ten ching dzetrin rab pel shok

And may their lives remain secure and their enlightened activities increase and spread!

dakchak drel ch yangsi tamch du

May all those who are connected to us, in all future lives,

nem dorj ts dang zuk zang sok

Attain the seven qualities of the higher realms,

tori ynten dn la wang jor n

Such as good health, indestructible vajra life and a beautiful form,


tubten yong kyi nangj nyi gyur chik

And become like great suns illuminating all the Buddha's teachings!

ts dang tarp barch kn shyi shying

May all obstacles to our life and liberation be pacified,

lo gya tso shying tn gya tongwa dang

May we live for hundreds of years and see hundreds of teachers,

lhakp labp gyalten rinpoche

And through the three superior trainings, may we always uphold the precious teachings
of the Conqueror,

namkha jisi shyen chir dzinpar shok

For as long as space exists, and for the benefit of others!

gyal knd shyal palden lama dang

May the glorious gurus, who are the very face and embodiment of all the buddhas,

rim tenpa dzin kn tsoshy shing

And all the holders of the non-sectarian teachings live long,

chkhor gynch mepar korwa yi

And by turning the wheel of the Dharma without interruption,

jikten sumpo taktu nangj shok

May they always illuminate the three worlds, now and forever!

In the cavern of the red cave of Yamalung, a place of accomplishment for the supreme Lotus Born siddha and his
spiritual heirs, a place where the nectar of immortality streams down and which has always been the palace of the


self-arisen deities of long life, following the request of the lord of the earth and the sky, the regent and throne holder
of the government Nomihan Rinpoche, I, Ynten Gyatso Lodr Thaye, wrote this in a break while ten of us, master
and students, were practising the approach and accomplishment phases for seven days, before beginning the general
sdhana of the five families of the Illusory Net of Amityus according to the New Treasures of Chokgyur Dechen
Lingpa. May virtue and goodness abound!
Translated by Han Kop with the kind assistance of Khenpo Yesh Dorj from Chokling Monastery, June 2015, Bir,
India. Edited by Adam Pearcey.
1. Samantabhadra
2. Amityus
3. Tr


The Melodious Speech of Samantabhadra: A Prayer to the Glorious Master Jamgn

Kongtrul Thaye
by Jamgn Kongtrul Lodr Thaye

karma kagy tenp nangj chok

Supreme illuminator of the Karma Kagy teachings,

ngak gi wangchuk ynten gya ch tso

Powerful lord of speech, your wondrous qualities as vast as the ocean,

gelek trinl lab treng kntu khyab

The waves of your virtuous activity extending in all directions

palden zangp shyab la solwa deb
Glorious and noble lama, at your feet I pray!1

tsarch jedzin kn sh yenlak ch

Refutation', 'maintenance' and the universal science, together with their branches,2

chu trak rigp n la t sam dang

Your intelligence born of studying, contemplating and meditating upon

gomp lodr chaktok dralwa yi

The ten sciences is without obstruction or hindrance

namch tay den la solwa deb

To you whose discernment knows no bounds or limitation, I pray!

pema wangchen sok kyi jesu zung

Cared for by Pema Wangchen3 and the rest,


gar gyi wangchuk tukj rik ngakchang

Holder of the awareness mantra of the compassionate Lord of Dance, 4

trinl drowa dulw tsal ngawa

In your enlightened activity, you have the skill to discipline beings

palden lama chok la solwa deb
Glorious and supreme guru, to you I pray!

drub rikdzin pa khyung gi dung l drol

Born into the clan of Khyung,5 with its line of accomplished masters,

jangp letro karp ch la s

Your karmic connection to pure Dharma, from past training, awoke,

khorlo nyi kyi tnkyen ngang gi tsok

And favourable conditions for the two domains6 gathered spontaneously,

ngotsar m du jung la solwa deb

To you who are so wondrous and amazing, I pray!

shyen n shyir ch pongw gy dam shing

Renouncing harmful acts, together with their basis, you disciplined your mind,

shyenpen shyir ch labp n la shyol

And applied yourself to the task of benefitting others, along with its underlying attitude,

rim nyi ngntok chiryang salwa yi

Your perfect realization of the two phases utterly clear and apparent

sumden dorj dzinpar solwa deb

To you, the Vajra-holder maintaining the three sets of vows, I pray!


khedrub depn yongdzin duma ten

You relied upon several great guides, learned and accomplished leaders,

do ngak gyatsor lhaksam tsnp shyuk

And, with diligence and benevolence, entered the ocean of stra and mantra.

shyung dam mengak norb ky zang gi

To you, whose gift of jewel-like writings, advice and instructions,

kalden ulwa sel la solwa deb

Eradicates all spiritual poverty in fortunate disciples, I pray!

orgyen d sum khyenp dorj k

In the vajra words of Orgyen, knower of the past, present and future,

ter jin drubp khorl gyur nam kyi

Which the universal sovereigns among siddhas revealed as treasures,

namnang bai rotsa n namtrul du

You were prophesied as an emanation of Vairocana and Vairotsana,

lungten ngasol dz la solwa deb

To you who were invested with such authority, I pray!

gyalwa yabs chok ling khyents wang

The victor and his heir, Khyentse Wangpo and Chokgyur Lingpa,

chok zik nam kyi ta ra na ta dang

In their supreme vision, recognized you as an incarnation

gyurm dorj trulpar shyal shy shing

Of Jetsn Trntha and Minling Terchen Gyurme Dorje


yongdzin chok tu kur la solwa deb

To you who are praised as the supreme of guides, I pray!

gyalten rim kyongw daknang dang

With pure perception, you uphold all Buddha's teachings impartially,

dro pen rim drubp lhaksam t

And in your altruism, you seek to benefit all beings impartially,

gang jung tekar khyerw ch tsul gyi

Your conduct is to address directly whatever occurs

damp namtar dzin la solwa deb

To you who leads the noblest life of liberation, I pray!

tsa dra rinchen drak gi wenn su

In the isolated location of Tsadra Rinchen Drak,

ts chik drubp gyaltsen tsuk n su

You planted the victory banner of accomplishment within a single life,

ch tsom kabab ten la jawa dz

And served the teachings with words transmitted in speech and text,

dn nyi lhn gyi drub la solwa deb

To you who spontaneously benefits both self and other, I pray!

dorj lung gi salwar ngakp dn

The one who was so clearly praised in vajra statements,

heruka yi ku sung tuk kyi ten

Support for the Heruka's enlightened body, speech and mind,


tenpa jisi bardu dro pen gyi

To you, who for as long as the teachings remain in this world,

ts su drubpar dz la solwa deb

Act to bring about the most precious benefit of beings, I pray!

mp tob dang tendrel lum t

By the strength of our devotion and the power of unfailing interdependence,

palden lama chok dang mindral shying

May we never be separated from the glorious and supreme guru,

khach drongkhyer chenpor lhenchik tsok

And within a single gathering in the great celestial citadel,

dorj semp n chok tob gyur chik

May we attain the supreme level of Vajrasattva himself!

gang gi ringluk dorj tar ten ching

As your tradition remains as steadfast and secure as a vajra,

zabgy dz nga taktu drokpa yi

And the profound and vast Five Treasures are proclaimed for evermore,

dak sok lekp lam kn tarchin ching

May I and others follow this excellent path through to its very conclusion,

samdn lhndrub gelek palbar shok

And, with our wishes spontaneously fulfilled, may virtue shine in splendour!

While I lack even the slightest quality worthy of such praise as this, and to laud oneself is an improper, foolish
custom, IYnten Gyatso, who entertains only the three notions (of eating, sleeping and pottering about)wrote


this simply to avoid turning down the ardent requests of the diligent practitioner and noble lama, Pema Norbu.
May virtue and goodness abound!
Translated by Adam Pearcey. With deep thanks to Alak Zenkar Rinpoche for his clarifications. 2015
1. This first verse is an elaboration of Kongtrul's Vinaya ordination name, Karma Ngawang Ynten
Gyatso Trinle Kunkhyab Palzangpo (karma ngag dbang yon tan rgya mtsho 'phrin las kun khyab dpal
bzang po), which he received in 1833.
2. 'Refutation', or 'subjugation' (tshar gcod) here refers to the two sciences of linguistics (sgra) and
prama, i.e., logic and epistemology (tshad ma); 'maintenance', or care (rjes 'dzin) includes the two
sciences of medicine (gso) and the fine arts (bzo); and 'universal science' refers to the so-called 'inner
science' (nang don) or Buddhist philosophy. These are the five major sciences. The five minor sciences
are branches of the major sciences. Alak Zenkar Rinpoche
3. Kongtrul often refers to his teacher Situ Pema Nyinje Wangpo as Pema Wangchen, emphasising his
identification with Guru Padmasambhava.
4. Nartevara (gar gyi dbang phyug).
5. The Khyung or Khyungpo clan traces its ultimate origin to the mythic bird, garua (Tib. khyung).
Kongtrul considered his father to have been Khyungpo Lama Yungdrung Tendzin
6. Literally the 'two wheels', this refers to the domains of study and practice, or the 'learning sphere' of
study and reflection and the 'renunciation sphere' of meditation.


The Prayer of the Tenth Days in Guru Rinpoches Life Story entitled The Nucleus
of Blessings
by Jamgn Kongtrul

om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung

sangye nangwa tay ku l trul

Emanation of the enlightened body of Buddha Amitbha,

drodul chenrezik wang sung gi

Light of the enlightened speech of Lord Avalokitevara, tamer of beings,

gyals kn gyi tuk kyi sangwa dzin

Holder of the secrets of the enlightened mind of all bodhisattvas,

guru rinpoche la solwa deb
Guru Rinpoche, to you we pray.

dn rangjung gnpo dewa ch

Primordially, naturally arising Lord of Great Bliss,

sishyi khyabdak kunzang sangwa d

All pervasive sovereign of samsara and nirvana, Samantabhadra, Embodiment of All

ttreng tsal chang longch yongdzok ku

And Powerful Skull Mala, your sabhogakya form


trul gyur samy gy la solwa deb

Who radiates inconceivable emanations, to you we pray.

d chen chunyi yar ng ts chu la

On the twelve great festivals, the tenth days of the waxing moon,

tendrel chunyi n su dakp k

Your enlightened forms purify the twelve links of dependent origination into their true

yenlak chunyi sung rab chkhor kor

With the twelve branches of the teachings of Buddha, they turn the Wheel of Dharma,

dendn chunyi tukj yeshe gy

And through the twelve aspects of the meaning of the truths, 1 they magnify the wisdom of

tsen gyi namdrang ngotsar chunyi drak

The number of your manifestations is famed as the twelve wonders,

mejung dzepa chenpo chunyi ten

Who display twelve great and extraordinary acts

ngdrub chunyi kalpa shyindu tsol

And grant us twelve siddhis, according to our share.

namtar jesu drenp solwa deb
Remembering your life-story, we pray:

treld ts chur dhanakosh tsor

On the tenth day of the monkey month, on the Dhanakoa lake,


ngotsar rangjung pem nyingpor trung

In the heart of a wondrous, naturally appearing lotus you are born,

tso ling khandro nam la chkhor kor

And turn the wheel of Dharma for the island dakinis

guru tsoky dorjer solwa deb
Guru Tsoky Dorje, to you we pray.

nedn gek dang galkyen barch shyi

Grant your blessing so that all obstructions from illness and dns, and all negative
circumstances and obstacles are pacified,

tses pal gy nyamtok ngnsh char

Long life, merit and splendour increase, experiences, realization and clairvoyance arise,

gur shyal tongch t pal gyi rir

And we are reborn on the Mountain of Glory to look upon your face, Guru, hear your

ky n tuk kyi s gyur jingyi lob

And become the son or daughter of your heart.

takd ts chur orgyen gyalsar peb

On the tenth day of the tiger month, you arrive at the palace in Oiyna,

indrabhuti s kyi kalpar dz

And are adopted by Indrabhti as his crown prince.

chang khab shy khorl gyur gyal gyur

Taking Prabhvat as your wife, you rule as a universal monarch


guru pema gyalpor solwa deb
Guru Pema Gyalpo, to you we pray.

ziji tob gy n rik jung truk shyi

Grant your blessing so that our brilliance, charisma and strength increase, epidemics and
turmoil in the elements are pacified,

wang nga l rung yi d pobpa nyur

The five senses become pliable, and happiness, peace of mind and confidence quickly

mi dang mi min lungsem wang du d

We gather under our power the pra-mind of humans and non-humans,

samdn yishyin drubpar jingyi lob

And all our aspirations are fulfilled, just as we desire.

yd ts chur kyen dang d kul t

On the tenth day of the hare month, driven by circumstances and by signs,

gyalsi pang n silw tsal du peb

You relinquish the kingdom for the Chilly Grove charnel ground.

drelts dnden jordrol tulshyuk drub

There, through your yogic disciplines of union and liberation, you make every connection
of the highest meaning

shantarakshita la solwa deb
ntarakita, to you we pray.


ngatang longch pel shying kang dr du

Grant your blessing so that our power, position and wealth increase, all human beings are

dro kn wang d shyidak dren shyin nyen

All living things are magnetized, earth lords obey us like servants,

milam taktsen zangpor tongwa dang
We see good dreams and auspicious signs,

drub nyi terkha dolwar jingyi lob

And burst open the treasure of siddhis, ordinary and supreme.

druk d ts chur kn gar rabtu jung

On the tenth day of the dragon month, you are ordained by nanda,

sheja tarchin khedrub duma l

And with countless scholars and adepts who have achieved the ultimate in knowledge,

do ngak kn chub shakya sengr drak

You attain consummate mastery over all the stras and tantras,

loden choks shyab la solwa deb

And are famed as both Shakya Senge and Loden Choksat your feet we pray.

chidak zad d gy n ts shyi

Grant your blessing so that the lords of death, planetary demons and the eight classes
who bring harm all are pacified,

tsultrim namdak lab sum yongsu dzok

Pure discipline and the three higher trainings are perfected,


rigp n dang dogy tamch la

And our knowledge of every field of learning, and of all the stras and tantras,

khyen rab chokm gyepar jingyi lob
Grows to become limitless.

druld ts chur zahor gyalpo yi

On the tenth day of the snake month, the king of Zahor

mr sek tsor gyur pedong su shyuk

Burns you in a fire, which you transform into a lake, emerging resplendent upon the heart
of a lotus blossom.

lhacham yum ten dorj ku ru gyur

Relying on Princess Mandrav as consort, you attain the vajra body

chim pemajungn la solwa deb
Immortal Lotus-born, to you we pray.

zakar chok ngen dra kn n ts shyi

Grant your blessing so that all harm is eliminated from ill-omened planets and stars, from
enemies and thieves,

shyi j kntu tashi delek pel

When at home or abroad, auspiciousness, prosperity and well-being increase,

karchok sungm taktu dongdrok dz

Well-intentioned guardians act always as our allies and support,

sam gu lhn gyi drubpar jingyi lob

And all our wishes are spontaneously fulfilled.

ta d ts chur orgyen d ln gyi

On the tenth day of the horse month, when the malicious ministers of Oiyna

sek kyang ma tsik ngotsar dzutrul ten

Burn you alive, you display the amazing miracle of remaining unscathed,

ka d ch ten khor ch changchub k

And, by teaching the Kad Chkyi Gyatso, lead the king and his entourage to

pema benza tsal la solwa deb

Padma Vajra Tsal, to you we pray,

d d lhamin dukp sadak l

Grant your blessing so that all harm from mras, asuras, vicious earth lords and ngas is
completely eliminated,

npa kn shyi gow ka la nyen

And they obey the instructions they are given,

chkyong sungm chi chol l drub ching

Dharmapalas and guardians carry out all our commands,

gow lha yi kyobpar jingyi lob
And patron gods afford their protection.

lukd ts chur gyagar lhochok su

On the tenth day of the sheep month, in Indias southern reaches,


mutek lhasung dangch talwar lak

You grind to dust the trthikas, along with their gods and guardians,

sangye tenp gyaltsen gung du char

And hoist aloft the victory banner of Buddhas teaching

seng dradrok tsal la solwa deb
Mighty Senge Dradok, to you we pray.

barch kn shyi ts palyn ten gy

Grant your blessing so that all obstacles are pacified, longevity, prosperity and perfect
qualities are increased,

nangwa wang d p gol tsen chom

We gain control over all perceptions, utterly vanquish all opponents,

d shyi l gyalkham sum dro kn la

We are victorious over the four maras, and actualize the benefits of generosity

jin tang penyn tobpar jingyi lob
Towards all beings in the three worlds.

jad ts chur zangling mutek kyi

On the tenth day of the bird month, the trthikas of Zangling,

gang chur kyur gar dz chu dokp

Fling you into the river Ganges, but you dance in the sky, and reverse the current.

neyul nyen ts kyab sol ten la k

When the whole land is in peril, and they beg you for refuge and protection, you bring
them all within the Dharma


guru khading tsal la solwa deb
Guru Khanding Tsal, to you we pray.

chong n kn jang khor mang samdn drub

Grant your blessing so that all chronic and immune system diseases are healed, our
helpers grow in number, and our wishes are fulfilled,

bangdz dru dang khog yoj pel

Food and resources of every kind increase, as well as everything we need,

sem d ngak la npa barwa dang

Our mind is peaceful, our speech blazes with power,

tingdzin chokgyur kyewar jingyi lob

And our samdhi meditation becomes sublime and supreme.

khyi d ts chur mutek duk jor gyi

On the tenth day of the dog month, the trthikas give you poison,

ma tsuk dtsir gyur n zidang bar

Unharmed, you transform it into nectar, and shine in splendour.

khor ch d tob nang gi ten la chuk

They and all their followers are inspired with faith and enter the teaching of Buddha

dechen nyima zer la solwa deb

Guru of Great Bliss, Nyima zer, to you we pray.


loda shyak d kek dang t ngen shyi

Grant your blessing so that obstacles of the year, month, day and time as well as ill omens
are pacified,

ch dang tarp bardu chpa sel

All obstacles in the way of the Dharma and liberation are dispelled,

wangtang lung ta g sok sorch ching

Any decline in our personal power and lungta is repaired

chok l nampar gyalwar jingyi lob
And we are victorious in every direction.

pak d ts chur balyul lha dr nam

On the tenth day of the pig month, the gods and demons of Nepal

purb tul n yangdak drubpa dz

Are subjugated by Vajraklaya, and then through accomplishing Yangdak

chakgya chenpo chok gi rigdzin drub

You attain the vidydhara stage of supreme mahmudr

dorj ttreng tsal la solwa deb
Dorje Ttreng Tsal, to you we pray.

shinj mamo jungp n dang dn

Grant your blessing so that all illnesses and harm caused by yamas, mamos and jungpos,

lobur yedrok dmin chiwa shyi

Sudden accidents, and untimely death all are eliminated,


t sel l drol lha dr chi chol nyen

We are freed from dangerous curses, gods and demons obey whatever their commands,

rang l dorjer gyurwar jingyi lob

And our own bodies become indestructible as vajra.

jid ts chur byul lha dr tul

On the tenth day of the rat month, you tame the gods and spirits of Tibet,

samy lek shyeng damch drnm bar

You build Samy to perfection, and light the flame of the sacred Dharma,

kalden jebang min ching drolwar dz

You ripen and liberate your fortunate disciples, the king and subjects

pemasambhawa la solwa deb

Padmasambhava, to you we pray.

ngakkhyal tsiktsub dzn m kurpa tab

Grant your blessing so that idle chatter, harsh words, lies and slander,

nyent dul trim changsem labpa nyam

Impairments of the rvaka vinaya discipline and bodhisattva precepts,

sang ngak damtsik gal sok nyetung nam

Breakages of samaya vows and the like, wrongdoing and downfalls, all are healed,

jang shying dak gy dakpar jingyi lob

And our whole being is transformed and purified.


lang d ts chur chyn ka dr t

On the tenth day of the ox month, master and disciples confer,

gangchen ta terkha j ny b
And in the centre and on the borders of the land of snows you conceal millions of terma

ten shyab ter kyong kadrin gynch m

With these treasures you safeguard what remains of the teachings, all with your constant

dorj dro l tsal la solwa deb

All-powerful Dorje Drol, to you we pray.

dmin chi sok tral kyen minjung shying

Grant your blessing so that sudden misfortune, like untimely death, never befalls us,

p ma tak tu dechen shyingkham dang

And as soon as we transfer to the next life, we are born in the pure realm of Great Bliss,

pema du gur drung ky n

And in the paradise of Lotus Light, in your very presence, Guru,

dro dn pakm jungwar jingyi lob

And become a source of limitless benefit to living beings.

ts chu kn la ngotsar dzepa r

On every tenth day, when we practise and we pray to you,

jin gyi lab chir ch ching soldeb na

To receive the blessing brought by each of your wondrous acts,


mind kn shyi tral yn lektsok nam

Then eliminate everything undesirable, and bring about every kind of goodness, now and
in the time to come,

drubp dorj sung nyi lum dz

And so make your vajra speech truly undeceiving.

ts chu jung r b du pebpa yi

On every tenth day, you promised you would come to Tibet,

shyalshy jedren tsechik gpa yi

And when I remember your words, then with single-minded devotion,

dungshuk drakp nying n solwa deb

From my heart I pray, with passionate yearning and longing:

dulja yalwar ma dor tukj chen

Never forsake us your followers, never abandon us, you with all your compassion!

nyikm gp tsep b bang nam

The people of Tibet, tormented by the degeneration of the dregs of time,

gnpo khy l resa shyen mep

Have no hope leftnone at all, lord, save for you.

ngn gyi tukdam d la bab lak na

So, now the time has come to keep that pledge made long ago,

yeshe chenp zikpa mayelwar

Do not let the gaze of your all-pervading wisdom ever turn away,


jikten d shying gew ch la ch

Let us enjoy worldly happiness and practise virtue,

samp dn kn chden yishyin drub

Let all our aspirations that are in keeping with the Dharma be fulfilled just as we desire,

kawa mepa dorj seng lam dr

Let us travel the extraordinary vajra path without difficulty of any kind,

chamchik dm long du drol dz sol

Let us all be liberated together, we pray, in the primordial expanse!

This prayer, linked to the practice of the tenth day festival of Guru Rinpoche, which Tibetans observe without fail,
was authorized by the lord, our lama, the omniscient Pema Dongak Lingpa himself, who explained that such a
prayer is both vitally necessary and very important. And so, according his words, and basing it on the history in
the lords profound terma 'The Four Kaya Lama' and Lhodrak Gnpo Rinchens terma revelation 'Benefits of the
Tenth Day', Padmas vidydhara, Chim Tennyi Yungdrung Lingpa, composed this, moved by intense devotion.
May virtue and goodness abound!
| Rigpa Translations, 2013. Clarification courtesy of Alak Zenkar Rinpoche and Tulku Thondup Rinpoche.
1. The twelve aspects of the truths can be interpreted in various ways. In his commentary on the
Majurnmasagti, Chanting the Names of Majur, the great scholar from Amdo, Chon Drakpa
Shedrup (1675-1748) explains these twelve aspects as referring to the manner in which Buddha first
taught the Four Noble Truths in the three turnings of the Wheel of Dharma in terms of the 1) identity,
2) function and 3) result of each of the Four Truths, so making twelve aspects. He says they can also be
attributed to the twelve yatanasthe six sense objects and six sense faculties. On a more secret level,
Chon explains the twelve aspects as signifying the four empowerments, the four instants and the four
joys. He concludes by saying the twelve aspects can be associated also with the cessation of the twelve
links of interdependent origination. Meanwhile, the great master of the Ancient Translation School,
Vimalamitra, in his commentary on the same text, explains the twelve aspects as twelve precious
qualities of buddhahood: the five buddha families, the five primordial wisdoms, plus praja and


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