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French 9 Course Description:

In this French class we will be using a method called TPRS -Teaching Proficiency with Reading and
Storytelling, which encourages language acquisition through the use of stories and gestures. Grammatical
accuracy and vocabulary are learned in context through understanding questions, messages or stories in the
target language. The target language is learned through comprehensible input: listening and reading that is
understood by the learner. Students are responsible to tell the teacher when a phrase or word is unclear so the
teacher can reinforce vocabulary.
For specific learning outcomes for this course, go to the Ministry of Education website at:
For more information on the teaching method please check my web page and the following link:
Understanding Cultural Influences:
Films, photos and video clips shown (in French) to explore French culture
Presentations and discussions on Francophone communities in Canada and around the world will
encourage response, comparison and language acquisition.
Exposure to creative works will broaden understanding of how the Francophone community contributes
to the world.
A vocabulary of high frequency words/phrases will be reviewed/taught.
strategies for learning a second language will be provided.
Comprehensible stories, personalized questions, familiar phrases and vocabulary will be presented and
reviewed to instill the target language.
aural comprehension leads to the ability to speak and it is the major focus in the first two terms.
Simple oral output will be expected in the form of timed presentations and participation during class.
Various opportunities will be provided for expression in the past, present and future.
Acquiring Information:
We will use stories, songs, documents, activities and plays to improve reading comprehension and
writing ability.
Presentations, authentic documents and media will provide opportunities to search for, compare and
personalize key information.
Students will be expected to learn to phrase simple questions to find information. Opportunities to
converse in French will aid proficiency. Online resources will be provided to enable you to practice at

Classroom Expectations:
The focus of this class is French. Electronic devices should not detract attention from instruction and
participation. Students should avoid using their phones during class without express permission. Parents
please do not text your child during class time.
Listening to music in English during class time is a distraction from French. Please unplug in class.
Come to class with the intent to understand and learn.
Come to class prepared with pencils, books, paper.
Be respectful of people and property
When you are away please check the web page or ask a friend for vocabulary, handouts and
assignments. Hard copies are available in class as well. Check the "handout" basket for your
grade/block. Please ask.
Tutorials are available. Please arrange a time beforehand.
Required Materials and Fees (if necessary):
Handouts should be stored in your French section of your binder and brought to each class.
Come prepared with pens, pencils and paper your work ethic mark is important!
Vocabulary lists, ones that you copy and handouts.
A note book (32 or 40 pages) for dictation and composition (no coils, duo tang, or binder) will be left in
class. One can be purchased for 25 or bring your own.
Assessment and Evaluation:
Quizzes are frequent and unannounced and are on the material covered the day of. The quizzes are
unannounced in order to assess language that you have acquired versus what is memorized to pass a
quiz. These quizzes will be cumulative. A few longer tests on units of study will be announced and will
be based on the handouts and vocabulary used in the unit.
Ongoing class assessments will record student behavior, participation, and work ethic.
Research tells us that we learn language at different rates due to a variety of factors. With this in mind,
the language skills students are able to demonstrate at the end of the term bear greater weight than what
might be accomplished or expected at the beginning of a term.
There is always homework in a second language classroom although formal homework is not often
assigned. On occasion students will be required to present their progress to an audience outside of class.
Parents/caregivers will be invited to provide encouragement and assessment of the presentation.
At Dr. Knox we aim for excellence. It is my sincere hope that an A student will demonstrate both
exceptional academic standing as well as an excellent work ethic. "Rigor" plays a substantial role in
learning any language:
actively negotiating meaning in the target language, not being passive or even
working against the negotiation of meaning
observing and monitoring the teacher (not each other) for understanding in the
target language
indicating the need for clarification and adjustments
attempting to participate in a genuine conversation and interaction in the target
language or does the student speak consistently in English?
Please consult our Dr. Knox website or the parent handbook for information regarding academic and work
ethic evaluation.
For specific information on letter grades and marking rubrics (e.g. 5 point scale), go to the Dr. Knox web page.
Dr. Knox Middle School encourages parental involvement in their childs education.

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Dr. Knox Middle School encourages parental involvement in their childs

Please complete the following information indicating that you have been able to access this document and
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