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Field Study 3 let us observe the technology in the learning environment.

It gives us the experiential process in

operating and emerging technology in the learning process. This study provide students a hands-on opportunities in
discovering, using and assessing technology-based materials and deepens ones understanding of technology
FS 3 let us evaluate the Learning Resources that are presence in our cooperating school and make a list out of
it and also classify them according to their characteristics and functions. Aside from that we also assess some bulletin
board posted in the school we observed. We even renew one bulletin board at the school canteen in which we apply
the principles in designing an effective bulletin board.
Because of the activities in the FS Book, it is required for us to create effective audio-visual presentations that
support learning and we will evaluate that presentation as to its strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to make one
especially we are so much exposed in making presentation in college so we have some knowledge about the
principles in making presentations to make it effective.
We also make a list of all the teaching aids present in the classroom like flashcards, pictures, and etc. We
should know how to select instructional resources that are suitable to use for a specific unit of study. Aside from this,
we also describe the ways in which technology is incorporated in the classroom and analyze the way teacher
integrate technology in her teaching-process to make students more involved.
This study also makes us explored in the world of on-line learning. It let us surf on the internet to find sites
that are appropriate for instructional use. We explore sites that can help a teacher in teaching a certain topic to make
the discussion more effective and interactive. Lastly, this study let us visits online learning through MOOCs. This
one gave us a hard time because I am not really familiar with these so called MOOCs. We visit a sites of MOOCs
provider and explore course that are relevant to the domain of NCBTS and explain how this MOOCs can be a tool to
ones professional development and lifelong learning.
Overall, this Field Study 3 has an aim to bring us, the student teacher to the challenge of new age and this
was to integrate technology in the teaching and learning process. As the modernization came, our technology also
developed so we, as future teachers should know how to move ahead with the use of technology inside the
classroom. We are on the 21st century in which we our digital learners so the teachers of today were expected to meet
this technology challenges.