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Circulation = 2380
01 /07 /2010 Based on traffic counts

The city of Petal could see a and the number of house­
roughly 50 percent jump in its
official population following the holds billed for water and
2010 Census, in large part due to sewer in Petal, local offi­
an annexation that 'was approved cials estimate total popula­
in early 2003. tion at about . JJ, 000­
Based on traffic counts and J2,000, up from just less
the number of households billed
for water and sewer in the city,
than 8,000 in the 2000
local officials estimate total pop­ Census.
ulation at about 11,000-12,000,
up from just less than 8,000 in substantial growth in the
the 2000 Census, Mayor Hal annexed area, Marx said.
Marx said this week. To help ensure an accurate
in February, 2003, the count during the 2010 Census, a
Mississippi Supreme local committee has been organ­
Court approved Petal's ized to help publicize the impor­
request to annex about tance of everyone being counted,
8,5 square miles of he said.
property to the north "We don't get a lot of federal
and east of the city's money, but there are the possi­
limits, nearly bilities of getting grants that are
doubling 'the tied in to population," Marx said.
size of the Kat Smith, U.S. Census
city. Bureau media specialist for
There Mississippi, said getting an
has been accurate count is vital to cities
and counties, since about $400
billion in federal money is allo­
cated each year nationwide
based on population.
Census workers are currently

See CEffSUS, Page 9