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Study Guide Unit 2 Part A Test History of Europe

I. Key Terms: Be able to define and explain why the following terms are important
Prince Henry

Prince of Portugal- sponsored exploration-sent people around Africa to find a trade

route to Asia- wanted to spread Christianity- started school of navigation (Institute of
Sagresh)- helped to make better ships and maps


The act of seeking out new land to take their resources and bring them back to your
home country.

3 Gs

Gold- riches from spices, goods, etc

God- Spread Christianity
Glory- explorers wanted to be famous

Scramble for

When European countries tried to get as much land as possible in Africa-> lead to the
Berlin Conference


European leaders met up to divide Africa- they did not invite any African person or
government- Most land= Great Britain. Supposed to fair but it wasnt. Regualated


The building up of a strong army/military (stockpiling weapons, tanks, bombs, planes,

more soldiers)


A partnership among countries to support each other. (Think: when 1 goes to war ALL go
to war)


One nation completely dominates another; politically, socially, and economically.

Taking land, building up a strong EMPIRE to get more power- more land=more power,
more natural resources


Extreme pride in your country- thinking that your country is better than other countries
and that makes your superior to them

II. Key Concepts: These are main ideas and questions that you should know and understand.
1. Why did Europeans begin exploring for new lands/territories?
3GsGold-European were looking to get rich and they needed new lands and natural resources to do this
God- Europeans wanted to spread their religion- Christianity
Glory- Explorers wanted to become famous.

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2. Describe the effects of the Scramble for Africa.

The Scramble for Africa was when Europeans wanted to gain as much land and natural resources in
Africa as possible. This led to competition among European countries which also increased tension
between them. created rivalries
Effect on Africa- left Africa without a structure for government or economics- negative impact

3. Describe the effects of the Berlin Conference.

Conference in Berlin Germany where Europeans met to divide up Africa. They did not invite Africans to
this conference. Great Britain got the majority of the land. Part of imperialism

4. Describe the colonization of Australia.

Great Britain lost their American Colonies during the American Revolution. They had been sending
their prisoners to their Georgia colony, but after the American Revolution, they had to find someplace
else to send them. Prisons in Great Britain had become overcrowded, the majority due to people who
could not pay their bills (debtors). They sponsored in expedition by Captain James Cook to find a new
location to send these prisoners-> he found Australia.
5. Describe how empire building led to war.
Countries became greedy and wanted more! More land, natural resources, etc. This increased tension
which eventually caused war.
6. Explain the causes of WWI.
MAIN (you need to be able to explain these)-> lead to extreme tensions between countries-> these
tensions erupted when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.

7. Be able to identify European Empires on a map.

*Review your Edmodo Quiz- make sure you know those maps