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Enter and win a Stagg Les Paul

He is so happy he got his
contract deal
Collateral Damage touring
So Luke tell us how it feels to get a contract with the
world’s largest metal company
Roadrunner Records.
I cannot believe this has happened, it is by far the
greatest achievement of my entire life. Everybody kept
saying to me I had great
talent but I suppose I was juts being He dedicate 4
hours a day to his
extremely modest. music.

Who inspired you to be the amazing guitarist that you

are ?
I would say it defiantly has to be Robb Flynn and Phil
Demmel from Machine Head. The riffs they can think
of really do blow my mind, I goal in life would
defiantly be to be as good as them two.

So when can we expect your first album to be on sale?

My new album which is called “Emerge From The He can do some
Darkness” will be on sale on the 23rd of April 2010 insane solos
and I hope the public enjoy my music.

Thank you for your time.

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