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Draft contents analysis

On the contents page using the route

of the eye it shows the audience’s eye
goes through the school logo, the title
“Contents” then goes diagonally down
through the two photos on articles
then finally goes through the to the
terminal area to the last photo of a
article. The four hotspots of my
contents page is on two contents
names “information article” and
“Coverlines articles” I have laid my
contents out with route of the eye in
mind so that all the photos are seen by
the audience’s eye.

I have laid the contents out in the same

colour scheme as the cover with the
purple with blue circle and vice versa to
keep the house style the same as I am
planning to keep the house style the
same all throughout the whole
magazine. I have used the same font all
through my magazine “Calibri” as it
seems to be a formal type of font.