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My media magazine uses the typical music as almost all of the conventions usually found in a music
magazine are also found in my magazine.

I think that my magazine would appeal very well to the target market to this genre of music
magazine. Dark colours, bold mastheads etc.

The institutions which i think would publish my magazine would be publishers such ad Future
Publishing as they are the people who publish Metal Hammer magazine and could take a liking to my

The audience i think for my magazine would defiantly be my target market as people with other
tastes in musical genres wouldn’t like this style of magazine.

I attracted my target market by having dark colours on the magazine, use of sans serif fonts etc

Through making my product i have learnt that there are quite a lot of aspect you need to look at
when developing a music magazine that i once thought.

Looking back at my preliminary task, it taught me how to lay out a magazine and also helped me
take better pictures.