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This chapter presents a brief description of the resource design, treatment of
material and data gathering design in biographical analysis of selected short stories of
Guy de Maupassant.
Research Design
The researchers use qualitative method in analyzing the three short stories of
Maupassant.The word method refers to a particular procedure for accomplishing or
approaching something, especially a systematic or established one. On the other hand, if
we claim the same source for the word qualitative it means relating to, measuring, or
measured by the quality of something rather than its quantity. In other words, a
qualitative method is a particular procedure for approaching something systematically in
order to measure it by the quality rather than the quantity.
This study involves the use of literary criticism which is biographical approach to
help the researchers have a deeper and wider understanding while analyzing the selected
short stories of Maupassant. The researchers also are able to interpret the message of each
story in terms of its structure, theme, and values.

Subject of the Study

The researchers analyze the three short stories of Guy de Maupassant entitled A
Family Affair, The Father, and The Magic Couch through the use of biographical
Phases of Analyzing Subject of the Study using Biographical Criticism
The researchers underwent the following steps in accomplishing this research
Step 1: The researchers gathered the full text of the three selected short stories of
Maupassant from the internet. The researchers chose three short stories among the literary
pieces of Guy de Maupassant which are A Family Affair, The Father, and The Magic
Step 2: The researchers gathered the biographical account of Maupassant. Through the
aid of internet, the researchers were able to understand the life of the author and to relate
the selected short stories to the authors biography.
Step 3: The researchers underwent a thorough reading of the fictions. This was done by
reading the whole story several times to deeply understand the message and the relation
of it to the life of the author.
Step 4: The researchers summarized the three short stories. The researchers read the
whole story with comprehension in order to summarize the selected short stories.

Step 5: The researchers will analyze its structure, themes and moral values of three short
stories through the use of biographical criticism. The literary approach will help the
researchers to better understand and analyze the selected short stories of Maupasssant.
Step 6: Finally, the researchers propose an instructional material of three selected short
stories of Maupassant as a teaching aid. The instructional materials are proposed for the
students to better understand the selected short stories and to be more interested in
reading short stories.