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2- Match sentence parts to get meaningful ones, then match them with their

corresponding pictures:
1- The camping site was not only good,

a- but also many other languages.

2- Not only Jane,

b- but also the domestic ones.

3- It is not only windy,

c- but also an eraser to draw a


4- They not only sing,

d- , but also Peter does.

5- I need not only a pencil,

e- but also sad.

6- She not only prefers to eat chips

f- but also as a painter.

7- Not only Patty helps her mother

g- but also jogging.

8- She speaks not only English,

h- but also safe.

9- He works not only as a teacher,

i- but also Jack like surfing.

10- In the zoo, she liked not only the

j- but also likes pizza.

11- Roberto likes not only football,

k- but also rainy today.

12- The grand-mother feels not only


l- but also dance together.

with the housework

wild animals,