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Share Your Poetry and Poll Everywhere

(Sep 28th Oct 2nd 2014)

Celebrating our Diversity through enjoying and sharing poetry in
some of the languages spoken by our students and international staf
was one of my influential experiences for this week. We were asked to
be part of the event to help in judging the best poems to be read out at
our Foundations assembly. In fact, it was a crucial involvement since I
had the sense of responsibility and choosing the best poetry reader.
Whats more, I gained some qualifications through choosing the best
reader with my colleagues. While discussing, we tried to choose the
best one in terms of performance, confidence and presenting and the
best ones were very clear to us.
How do we approach learning? was the title of the session held by Dr.
David Kennedy at DMC. At the beginning of the session, we were
introduced to the diferent learning styles and honestly it was
refreshing our knowledge about them as we studies them in the B.Ed
program. It is very important to consider the diferent learning styles in
each classroom and this is what I have learnt from this part of the
session. Moreover, we did diferent quizzes to know our learning styles
as I was surprised with the result because I though Im read/write
person, but I have discovered that Im more auditory. This led me to
think of my students and their learning styles while creating the







session. If you have a class of 300 students or above, how can you
approach all learners?. This question was an excellent one because it
raised our awareness towards individuals and their diferences. The
answer was that using an efective tool to ensure that all learners
participate in the assigned activities. The teacher can use it for
diferent purposes. For instance, it can be used to get feedback from
learners about our teaching. Also, the teacher can put a question for a


discussion and learners can post their opinion using this amazing tool.
Besides, I think it can be used as a brainstorming activity for a writing
lesson, so learners can post and share their diferent ideas.
All in all, helping in the poetry event and discovering this interesting
tool encouraged me to part of the diferent events at the college. Also,
to approach as many learners as I can in the classroom and no matter
what is their number.

Rasha Alzaabi