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Dear Parents,

Its that time again:

K-6 Musical time! November 5th: 7:00pm.
We are preparing The Granny Awards,
a musical about a fairy tale character awards
Student costumes will be easy and based on
what you already have. Call me right away
with questions or if you need help! 620-8043360.
I would love to see everyone at parent-teacher
K & 1st can dress as any fairy tale character (break out that
princess dress) and if youre drawing a blank I recommend
villager! A villagers outfit could be jeans and a plain tshirt of any color. Tunics or plain oversized t-shirts and tights
also make great villagers! Also wizard -just add a wand to
a black cape or oversized black t-shirt. Get as fancy as you
like, but I encourage spending NO money on this project!
Other people who can dress as any fairy tale character:
Khyla B, Abby H, Chloe J, Tamber M, Kaylea P, Kylee R,
Ennesa R, Coltin S, Mherical F, Weston W, and Alec C.
Seven Dwarves: Adam H, Colby R, Clayton H, Brynnen,
Evan, Aiden G, Braden. Wear jeans and plain t-shirts. Large
work belts would be fun but arent necessary. Borrow
dads tool belt if he has one. Well be adding felt hats.
Accountants: Russell & AJ: business wear: a tie and slacks if
you have them. I have ties and vests if you need to borrow.

3 Bears: Cade, Joselyn, Brady: Brown shirt (I have some)

and jeans- Ill add ears and tail.
3 Pigs: Savanna, Owen, Connor: Bright pink shirts large
enough to stuff & jeans- Ill add ears and tail.
Fairy Godmother: Rebekka- tights and ballerina onesie or
under-armor. Ive got tutus if you dont have one. Tons of
funky jewelry and big, fancy hair. Lots of glitter. Make-up
would be fun, too. If you dont find a wand, I can.
Granny: Sydnee: Old lady clothes, grey wig or baby
powdered bun/updo, cane, shawl, etc.
Snow White: Paige. Red lips!! Ball gown or skirt.
Jack (Beanstalk): Gabe: knickers, blouse, messy & ruddy.
Wolf: Dakota: Wear Grey &/or black. I have nose, tail and
ears. Sweatpants turned inside out look furry.
Cinderella: Olivia: rags. I recommend wrapping her in tshirt rags. If you dont have any we do here. Very messy
but still pretty
Prince Charming: James: nicest pants & shirt. Ill add tie,
sash & crown.
Stepsisters: Augusta & Annika -I have dresses. Be fancy.
Stepmother: Alyssa- dress w/tights.
Servants: Davin, Tyler: Jeans & nice shirt. Ill add vests
here. Yeimi & Nazareth: White t-shirt. I have servant
Jack & Jill: Shain & Callie: Cute children. Shain: shorts,
suspenders (I think I have some if you dont), plain longsleeve shirt (I have one). Callie: bows in hair, pretty dress,

Goldilocks: Chancey- Frilly dressy. Tights & dress, BIG hair!

Golden curls. Ribbons in hair. I have a dress if you cant find
Red Riding Hood: Sophia- I have a red cape. White blouse,
jeans or frilly skirt and tights. Cutesy. Also BIG hair and
curls with ribbons.
Ninja Turtle: August B, Logan E, Eydan R- All Green.
Costume if you have it, otherwise Ill add belt and eye band.
No masks, thanks.