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Espaol 2 Captulo 3: La ciudad ideal

Fecha de entregar (due date):

Viernes (Friday), el 30
de octubre de 2015
For this project you will work in groups of 3 to practice your Chapter 3 vocabulary and a
variety of different grammar topics while also practicing your Spanish speaking and writing skills.
You will do this by creating an imaginary city and then persuading your classmates to live in this
city. In order to do this, your project has a few required components:
1. Un folleto sobre su ciudad (a brochure about your city): (rough draft due Lunes
(Monday) el 26 de octubre in class)
Your brochure should be typed and it should have pictures! The brochure will need to be
written entirely in correct Spanish and should have the following information:
a) Una descripcin de la ciudad: Your brochure should have at least one paragraph (5
sentences) describing your city as it is today. Is there anything particularly interesting about how
your city operates? Any interesting laws? How does your city look? What businesses are in your
city? Because you will be describing your city in the present, you must use:
the present tense (page 12, 14)
the verbs ser and estar (page 62)
vocabulary from the chapter (page 86, 98)
b) Una historia: Your brochure should have at least one paragraph (5 sentences) about the history
of your city. Who was the founder of your city? Are there any wars that went on in your city or
anything interesting about your citys history? You must use:
The preterite tense (page 66, 92, 94)
c) Un recorrido a pie (a walking tour): Now youll want to help tourists navigate your city. To do
this, you will write a walking tour of your city in the brochure. A walking tour starts from one
location and gives the reader directions to places of interest with anecdotes and facts about
those places. Your brochure will need to have a walking tour that guides tourists to at least 5
different places of interest. You must use:
direction vocabulary (page 99, 104)
formal commands (page 102, 104, 106)

2. Un mapa de su ciudad (a map of your city): Your group will need to draw a birds-eye-view
map of your city. The map needs to be at least as large as a standard piece of poster board. The
map needs to be in color and labeled in Spanish. Try to use as much Chapter 3 vocabulary as

3. Una presentacin: (you will present in class the day your project is due) Finally, sell
your city to your classmates! This presentation should be about 5 minutes long and should be
spoken entirely in Spanish. All members of your group need to participate in the oral
presentation. You simply have to describe your city and why you think your classmates should
move to it. While the presentation does not necessarily have to be memorized, you should NOT
spend the entire presentation with your face covered by a script! A PowerPoint or visual aid is not
necessary but encouraged.

The grade for this project (100 points total) is broken

down according to the following criteria:
Turned in on time: 10 points
o Use of required elements 10 points
Folleto (brochure): 40 points
o Use of vocabulary: 10 points
o Rough draft turned in on time: 5 points

Mapa: 20 points
o Correct Spanish grammar and spelling: 15


Correct Spanish grammar and spelling and

use of vocabulary: 15 points
Artistic element and effort: 5 points


Presentacin: 30 points
Correct use of Spanish grammar: 20 points
Preparedness: 10 points