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Hopewell Middle School

7th Grade Interdisciplinary

Field Trip
This book belongs to
Texas History Period
Texas History Teacher

Reading Session : In your

reading, highlight the most
interesting part of the story to
you! Discuss after group or silent

During the movie, we saw coastal plains

of Texas, the Matagorda Bay, wildlife
gator, humid air, geography, trees inland
Storm sank the ship

La Belle/La Salle Movie Everything you

Weapons case readings; Rat bones; Gen
Alonso Deleon finds dead French, bury
Bayonets. French artifacts

-Warning signs to Anglo Americans saying

No Colonizar
-Americans had to have permission as
Empresarios (land agent) to enter Texas
-Bust of Stephen F Austin
Mission Like settings, replica floors, Baby

Stephen F. Austin (SFA) goes to Mexico City, and

asks permission from the new Mexican
government, to stay in Texas under SFAs
Empresarios contracts. Spain is defeated

Walked into little Alamo, watched a

little movie. Texas got its
independence, becomes The Republic
of Texas. Republicanism= democratic
representative form of govt.
Come and Take It cannon!

Texas becomes the 28th state, flags of

period USA in museum, Mexico was
defeated by the USA in war.

Slavery economy; cotton was KING; Texas

becomes rich off slavery, as does the

Confederate uniforms, weapons, why

they were fighting-- slavery; bust in the
economy during Reconstruction; down
times displays; 285,000 killed in
Confederate side

Pick up truck, hay bales, cattle

population explodes--start business;
rails come along, cowboys go away

3rd floor, Spindletop 1901, January

10th. Oil discovered. Changed
economy of the WORLD

WWII airplane on display.

Heroes uniforms

Bob Bullock bust; Barbara Jordan


Math Teacher_______________________

The Labelle Excavation

12 0



x ft


1. Texas A&M Cops of engineers built an irregular octagon-shaped

cofferdam for this project. Use the dimensions labeled on the diagram to
calculate the perimeter of the dam?

3. The Texas Historical Commission authorized 73 metric tons (MT) of sand

to fill the dam. To the nearest hundredth, how much sand was used in
customary Tons (T)? In pounds (lbs)? In ounces (oz)? Note: 1 ton (T) =
0.907 metric ton

2. The total length of the outer wall of the cofferdam is 60ft. The upper part
of the wall, x, is above sea level. The lower part of the wall is below sea
level, and it is three times the height of the upper wall. Write an equation
to determine the heights of the upper wall and lower wall.

4. Texas A&M engineers determined the amount of water displaced by the

La Belle project was 26/100mgd, relative the scale of the bay. Simplify
this rate.

The Labelle Ecosystem: August 1942

The months of June and July 1942 and
the first half of August 1942 saw no tropical development,
but a new tropical storm formed near the Leeward Islands. It moved along a west northwest
course, strengthening to a hurricane on August 24. The peak winds reach 115 mph over the Gulf
of Mexico. The hurricane continued to move toward the NW, directly toward the mid Texas coast.
The hurricane struck the Texas coast near Matagorda, just after midnight on the morning of
August 30, 1942. School buildings had been prepared as shelters and thousands of refugees had
already been evacuated prior to landfall by a convoy of trucks, buses and trains. Rain squalls
complicated their escape. Several boats and barges were reported damaged or sunk in the fury of
the winds. Storm Surge accompanying the hurricane were estimated at 15 feet with high tide, and
the combination of winds and tides destroyed nearly every home and building in the town of
Matagorda. Water was reported to be standing in the town up to 8 feet deep. By 6 am on the
morning of Sunday, August 30, the hurricane had weakened to a very strong tropical storm, and
was located near Hallettsville, with sustained winds of 60 mph. Near noon that day, the tropical
storm had moved between the metropolitan areas of Austin and San Antonio. The destruction and
devastation brought to South Central Texas by this hurricane is the worst in the 20th century.
-From The National Weather Service Archives

The Labelle Ecosystem

The Matagorda Bay Ecosystem habitats provide excellent feeding
and nursery areas for marine species such as shrimp, oysters, blue crabs
and fin-fish, sea turtles, Cranes, sea gulls. Vegetation consists of
submerged wetlands, & tall grasses.

Matagorda Bay

How would this ecosystem be affected if a new Category 3 hurricane were to strike the Matagorda Bay

Consider the long-term effects from storm surge over the island on animal and plant life. Make sure
your answer distinguishes between the damage of saltwater to the freshwater of the bay.

How long would this ecosystem take to return to normal? Could it be scarred for a long time without
human intervention & conservation? Explain.



Imagine you are a passenger on the LaBelle. You may imagine yourself as a settler or a sailor.
Just like Henri Joutel, whom you just read about, you are going to write several journal/diary
entries about your adventures. Remember, as you write, to use all of your senses. You are writing
to someone you care about and left behind in France, so do your best writing. You must describe
the ship in detail and what life is like aboard ship in one of your entries. In another entry, you will
describe your thoughts about moving to a new land and the possibilities of not making it, as that
was always a risk back then. The other entry/entries are your choice of what youd like to tell your
reader about.