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Jordyn Roark

EDU 270
Lesson Plan #1
Date: 10/13/2015

Subject: IEFA

Grade: 4th Grade

Timeline/structure of lesson:
Opening/Framing the Lesson/Introduction/Early Assessment
Lesson introduction and material presentation: Read,
Thanks to the Animals aloud to the class. Discuss the
20 min
animals introduced and their importance to the Native
American culture. Have students do some research on
various animals important to the Native American culture.
Have them open up Padlet and post as many animals as
possible. Students will be informed of their small project
and I will show them a model of a finished product using
Youtube. The end goal is for students to create a video
using Haiku Deck and tellagami for narration of their short
tycoon poem about a certain animal and its importance to
Native Americans.
35 min.

The Lesson Structure: Activities

Students then will write their short poem and publish it
using Haiku Deck. Then use their Tellagami account and
narrate their own tycoon poem with their animal and poem
in the background.

25 min

Students will then drop box their tycoon poem and will play for
the whole class to watch.
Students will be assessed on how they composed their poem,
their information, and their participation during opening, and
how well they used the technology.
Tell your family members or friends about the animal you
learned about!

Inferences while reading
Padlet and quick research
should be done fairly
quickly just till enough
appropriate animals are
listed for each student.
(Group/pair depending on
size of class)

I will be walking around to

make sure everyone is
doing okay. Ask if students
need any help. Big
opportunity to build selfcheck skills.

Students will take notes on

the animals jotting down
essential facts. Notes will
be marked by participation.

Self Evaluation of the Lesson

This lesson went okay. I feel that it went a little too slow. I think next time; itll be a lot more productive
because I was not familiar with the apps used. Learning how to use the apps count down on my teaching time,
and I now know I need to come prepared with not only my lesson plan and resources but knowledge for the
apps themselves. The students really loved the lesson. Next time, I think I would have them create their
tellagami before the lesson. They got off track and way more interested in creating their own avatar. Next
year, I will use the creating their avatar on tellagami an extrinsic reward. I will definitely be using this app
frequently in my classroom so the sooner they make it, the better. I am hoping they are excited with
Tellagami but are able to stay more focused when we use this app in the future.
Thanks to the Animals by Allen Sockabasin
iPad Lab- students will log into their account and all the tools needed from this source
Padlet- to brainstorm animals
Google- for research
Haiku Deck- to publish their poem and animal
Tellagami- to narrate their poem with their unique avatar
Document Camera- to present poems to class as a whole
Youtube- resource for finished product
Whiteboard & Projector to model finished project